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    So hard to decide!! New name option?

    I'm really so torn trying to decide on our daughter's name, it's such a big decision! I'm sure some of you may have seen that I love they name Caroline, but the more I browse around naming websites the more I come across people named Caroline who didn't like their name when they were younger. I think this bothers me because I didn't like my name when I was younger either. I came up with another name that I really love that I wanted to get some feedback on- Kate Aria. I think it's gorgeous and a little different! I know Kate is a middle name a lot of the time, but I really love it as a first name and I'm not fond of Katherine. It will be cute on a little girl and classy and elegant when she grows up. Soooo opinions?

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    I'd pick Kate. But I've always liked the name Kate. Whatever you choose there's absolutely no guarantee that your child is going to thank you for it, so I reckon go with what you want - they get to choose names for their own children!

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    I like both Kate and Caroline... why don't you name her Caroline Aria and call her Kate/Cate? It's not that far off, really. That way she has the sweet, friendly name Kate/Cate for everyday use, and Caroline as a slightly more unusual long form. She could be Kate/Cate to her friends and Caroline on official documents.
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    What about Carolina (like Caroleena or Carolina Herrera)? Kate is really cute and sweet and Aria is breathlessly beautiful and romantic. Together they're very nice, however you won't use the middle name very often. I love my second daughter's middle name so much and am disappointed with how infrequently it's used. So if you were using Aria to sort of feminize or romanticize the "Kate" I might think of a more feminine/romantic first name altogether.

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    I love Kate! I don't care for Aria. Kate or Caroline would both be beautiful!

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