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Thread: Alyosha

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    Ok Alyosha nn Leo has been vehemently rejected by DH who says it sounds like a breed of horses. Philistine. So I'm changing the thread here.
    Help me find a name I love for a hypothetical brother to a Crispin. I'm rusty at names and looking to expand the list. Here are some thoughts:

    Heron (better as a middle - want to avoid two n-endings. I grew up next to a saltmarsh, so it has a nice feeling to me.)
    Prospero (no intuitive nicks, save for maybe Sparrow, which only works on a child.. or Per, which only works in the Netherlands. Too heavily Shakespearean? I do love The Tempest.)
    Alasdair - I was loving this, but it was vetoed by DH
    Sylvester - DH's idea. Kind of weasely-sounding but cool.
    Maxfield (but not Max. Mack? He'd get called Max, which I'm lukewarm about.)
    Something that leads to Monty... Montague, Sigmund (unusable?), Redmond!!, Desmond
    I love Cyneric, but Crispin is set in stone, with a Y middle --> Cy.
    Acacius (nn Cay?) Too Roman soldierish or something? I just like acacia, the plant.. and I like Kay, as in Sir Kay.
    Names that I love the sound of but wouldn't use: Duff, Doolish, Ishmael. I like the SH sound, apparently.

    Sorry about the lengthy post. Thanks for your help!
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    I love Alyosha/Leo! Not sure what you see in Monty though...sounds like a game show host w/a bad rug to me. Some options...
    Dashiell Siffroid
    Cashel Goderic
    Ashford Winslow
    Cassius Hadrian

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    Ha! Rkrd! I love it. Snark always welcome. You're right about Monty but I still find it endearing. I knew a great old man named Monty. I like its... mountainous feeling.
    Not into the "ash" sound for some reason as much as the "ish" and the "osh." Who knows why. Ash feels a bit trendy to me. I do recognize Cassius' beauty though. Hadrian too but it's too regal. Winslow is amazing. Makes me think of "sloe-eyed." Thank you for that one!

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    Alyosha is traditionally a nickname for Alexei, so maybe Alexander nn Alyosha? (Or a more interesting international variant like Alexandre or Alexandros, that seems more your style.) I can kind of see what your husband means about it sounding like a horse breed, haha, but that's not a bad thing! (I rode for years so that'd actually be a nice connection for me.)

    Heron- Would be a quirky, interesting middle for sure, and I like that it has a personal connection for you

    Prospero- I LOVE Prospero! Most people I've asked think it isn't usable though, not sure why. He's a rather mysterious character, he's inherently good but has his flaws and is beautiful in that. I like that he's one of the few Shakespeare characters to ask for forgiveness after making mistakes. I've called him Prosp in my head, haha, and Prose would be an interesting NN (if kind of ironic, given he speaks in verse most of the time).

    Alasdair: Vintage, soft but strong, unique enough to be different but with familiar sounds. Seems like the name of a real gentleman.

    Barnabas- growing up in a Christian home, this is too close to Barrabas for my comfort. I do like the sound though- Barnaby would be lovely.

    Sylvester- I'm not sure it is one, but sounds like a cartoon squirrel. Spunky, fun, and crazy-in-a-good-way.

    Maxfield- sounds like a place, maybe a small town in rural/suburban America. Fine but I like Maximus and Maximillan better.

    Redmond feels quite charming and intellectual, and a touch Southern. It also feels like waves and water and quaint small towns out East, because it reminds me of Redmond College where Anne Shirley went in the Anne of Green Gables series. On that note- Montgomery nn Monty would be dashing! Montgomery is rather proper and buttoned-up, Monty free-spirited and sort of "Wild West."

    Sterling- Sounds like a sensitive, enigmatic, brooding young artist or musician who's misunderstood by most but beloved by a few. I like the vibe this name gives off but can't imagine it on a whole lot of different kinds of personalities, does that make sense?

    Cyneric- Since the firsts would just be Crispin and Cyneric, I don't think they'd be too close unless you planned to call Crispin Y___, Cy- and you don't have to, you can just call him Crispin. Cyneric sounds earthy and natural, like it could be a plant or metal. (probably its similarity to turmeric.) It feels historical and old fashioned in a good way. I could imagine a knight in a story named Cyneric.

    Acacius- this does feel kind of Roman soldier-ish, but not too much so. I imagine someone who's soft and sensual as well as strong and brave. Acacia for a girl would be nice if you don't use this. Acacius nn Kay would be great, and Sir Kay is a wonderful reference.

    Laurentius also has the "sh" sound and works with your style, but also rather Roman and unusual.
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