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    Cade, Maverick, or Roman and why?

    I am trying to find the perfect brother name for sister Scarlett. My DH and I both like Cade (not 100%), I love Roman, and he loves Maverick. He isn't convinced of Roman and I feel Maverick is too much of a mouthful. Please share your opinion!

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    Roman! 100%! A classic, strong, beautiful name like Scarlett--perfection!

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    Roman! Roman it's strong and classic. Cade is too close to Caden for me and I am so done with that name haha. Maverick would be better in the middle name spot because it's so spunky and fun. Why not use Roman Maverick? That's as great name and everyone wins
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    Isn't there a character in Gone With the Wind named Cade? I think Scarlett and Cade might be GWTW overkill. Roman is handsome. It calls to mind a Rhett Butler type of guy actually - very debonair.

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    What about the combo Roman Maverick?? Someone else mentioned it and I think it gives the classy Roman a bit of a bad boy edge without being too Rawrr!! Lol.
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