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    Main Character Help?

    So, I'm writing another story, and this one is driving me nuts. I've determined a character (starting out a minor, becoming a major character later on) will have the last name of Gold. I cannot figure out a first. She has a sort of magical power, although nothing too big. It's a sort of fantasy novel, and while her father is magical, and her brother's not, she feels sort of overlooked. Her father expects lots from her, she's got a different biological mum than her brother, doesn't know who her mother is, and yeah.

    Her last name will for sure be Gold, I'm not changing that. She's going to be a brunette, maybe looking similar to either Maia Mitchell or Emily Rudd. I've considered Isabelle and Isabella, NN Bella, but I feel it doesn't quite fit. Her step-mother I've decided will be named Milah, but other than that, I don't have any other family names.

    Anything that fits well with Gold? First and Middle, perhaps? And although I'm more about just how it sounds, if it has some meaning along the lines of magical or overlooked or something having to do with her character, I'd love it. Thank you in advance!

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    These are just a few names i thought sounded nice with Gold, if you like one of the names then you don't have to use the middle or first name with it, also finding a meaning around magical or overlooked was surprisingly difficult.

    Arabella Luana Gold
    Orabella Audrey Gold
    Aurelia Pandora Gold
    Pamina Tala Gold
    Celestia Delina Gold
    Valencia Clio Gold

    hope this helps

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    You've told us what she looks like, but what's her personality like? We know she has a magical power and she feels overlooked, and that there are high expectations of her. But is she a flake or does she follow through? Is she defiant orcompliant? What are her character strengths and weaknesses? Is she a Mary Sue? Otherwise we're just naming a pretty face, and that's not going to be very helpful.

    One of the forum stickies is a character outline for posting, you should try it out. It also might help you develop her character if you don't actually have much of a character for her already.

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    Not sure why, but when I read the post the name Tansy jumped out at me...Tansy Gold...I think it has a quietness to it (you mentioned she's a bit overlooked). Maybe because you said magic, plus the fact her surname will be Gold, it made me think of flower names (although, this is quite an off the beaten track one).

    Other names I quite like that go with Gold as the surname: Aria, Linnea, Thea, Aya.

    Good luck!

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