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    LN: Norwood

    DW: Rosamund Nola
    DH: Leonard Alastair
    - DD1: Penelope Grace
    - DS1: Bradley Franklin
    - DD2: Elisabeth Ivy
    - DS2: Carter Lee
    - DD3/DS3: Emma Natalie & Daniel Lewis
    - DD4/DD5: Gabrielle Rose & Anneliese Giselle
    - DS4: Edwin Austen
    - DD6: Genevieve Lilie
    - DD7: Elenor May
    - DS5: Lawrence James
    - DS6: George Clark
    - DD8: Charlotte Niamh
    - DS7: Henry Carlton
    - DD9: Alice Jade
    - DS8: Spencer Reid
    - DD10: Camilla Kate
    - DS9: Landon Jerome
    - DS10: Malachi Niko
    Girls: Ella, Amelia, Freya, Charlotte, Sophia, Chloe, Isabella, Madeline, Hannah, Eleanor.

    Boys: Isaac, Oscar, Theodore, Jacob, Noah, Zachary, Nathaniel, Lucas, Edward, Zane.

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    I`m a 15 year old name obsessed girl from Japan!!
    I LOVE those idiots from One Direction and 5Seconds Of Summer

    Fave Girl combos---Phoebe Doris, Hadley Paige, Maisie Noelle, Sierra Madison and Elodie Claire
    other girl names---Emerson, Penelope, Gemma and Coralie

    Fave Boy Names---Ashton, Evan, Jenson, Zane, Ernest, Tristan, Grayson, Theodore and Keaton

    GP names---Lux, Oakley, Agneta, North, Axel and Branch

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    LN: Fenrigh

    DW: Indigo Yule
    DH: Alastair Valentine

    DD1: Phoebe Lilith
    DS1: Pierce Morgan
    DD2: Magnolia Maeve
    DS2: Dalton Barnabas
    DD3/DS3: Sparrow November and Clarke Dashiell
    DD4/DD5: Maeridith Winter and Ophelia Rue
    DS4: Hawthorne Alexei
    DD6: Genevieve Helene
    DD7: Willa Rosemary
    DS5: Flynn Greysen
    DS6: Galen Forest
    DD8: Scarlett Cresent
    DS7: Henry Carlton
    DD9: Violet October
    DS8: Spencer Isas
    DD10: Wisteria Guinevere
    DS9: Jerome Landon
    DS10: Niccolo Griffin

    "Indie & Alastair + Phoebe, Pierce, Maggie, Dalton, Sparrow, Clarke, Merri, Ollie, Hawthorne, Gen, Willa, Flynn, Galen, Scout, Harry, Vi, Spence, Wisteria, Jerome & Nico"

    - Sara Viviene -
    Girls: Helena Ruby ~ Caroline Daphne ~ Violet Isabel ~ Rose Adeline ~ Bonnie Imogen ~ Ariana Fleur ~ Lydia Sage ~ Katherine Grace ~ Iris Emmeline ~ Olive Evangeline

    Boys: Gabriel Jensen ~ Frederick Anthony ~ Elijah Dominic ~ Weston Oliver ~ Tristan Pierce ~ Sebastian Henry~ Samuel Avery ~ Ezra Matthew ~ Damon Alistair ~ Schuyler Marcus

    GP: Calvert ~ Cassius ~ Niklaus ~ Harper ~ Castiel ~ ~ Petrova ~ Ophelia ~ Sailor ~ Isolde ~ Story

    “We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same” ~ Anne Frank

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