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    Ok so last month, my husband and I along with the kiddos, including two little babies, moved down to the South. My husband got a job doing in Atlanta, and so far the South has been great. The house next door has three little boys named, Jackson Rhys, Sawyer Hayes, and Grady Carter. I had to ask the middle names since I loved the first ones so much! My question is, Do these names have a Southern vibe about them or is it just me??? Thanks!

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    They sound pretty southern to me, but I'm from the west coast so I wouldn't know..

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    Jackson (not so much Rhys), and Sawyer Hayes definitely sound it to me. I love the Sawyer Hayes combination though!

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    Depends on what "type" of Southern we're talking about. If you mean the hipster cowboy feel, then yes! Those names definitely fit into that category. But traditionally in the South, you choose surnames from your grandparents or parents, or name your kid after a family member. For example, I grew up in Alabama, right on the border to Mississippi (you don't get much more Southern than that), my name Jamison and my brother's MN Jameson are after my dad Jameson. Other brothers include Alston, Rhett, and Roscoe, three surnames from the Shaw family tree.
    But then again, I also have a brother named Sawyer as well. He is the only one in our family to not be a "Something Junior".
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    They are wonderfully southern.
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