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Thread: Southernish

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    I'm southern so not really. Just regular nice names.

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    I'm from the edge of the South--northern VA, but my dad and paternal family are actually from Atlanta. Hayes, Grady, and Carter all seem really Southern to me, in a nice way. Hayes in particular is very handsome and traditional. Jackson is popular everywhere, but still feels a bit Southern to me. Same with Sawyer. Rhys really feels like the odd one out: it's not very Southern, and also just doesn't seem like the same style as the other names in general. They're all good combos, though. I love Jackson Rhys in particular, although Hayes might be my favorite out of the whole bunch.
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    Yes. It's that charming, surname-y Southern feeling. Rhys is the only one that stands out a bit, with its traditional spelling (you' be more likely to see Reese down here, for a first or a last name) but still fits.

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    I think Jackson Rhys and Sawyer Hayes are my favourite boys' combo of this week and even a bit longer! Really lovely names! They do make me think of hipster cowboys though, which is not a bad thing at all.

    Anyways, I'm not american, so my vision of the american south comes from movies and TV shows (and country songs, a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine), so they do seem very southern/dixie to me, as do Magnolia and Annabeth on the girls' side! =)

    PS: is the term dixie offensive? I've always heard of it in Lynyrd Skynyrd's songs and Hart of Dixie and so on, but I read somewhere it is offensive and now I'm unsure. Could someone enlighten me on this? If it is, I'm sorry. :?

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    No, not especially. There's really no such thing as "Southern names". We mainly use the same names as everyone else. And Atlanta isn't even all the "southernish" anymore. There are too many transplants.

    One test to see how Southern your neighbors are: How do they pronounce Sawyer?

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