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    Please rate/comment on my girl names?

    I am having a hard time narrowing down my list. Any help would be great! This is my list in no particular order.

    Olympia nn Ollie, Pia
    Pippa nn Pip
    Darwin nn Winnie
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    I like Sailor, Pippa, and Elliott.

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    Maisie - Becoming super popular in the UK. I'm not a fan of cutesy nicknames as given names personally, but I don't mind it as a nickname for Margaret.
    Clementine - Though I do love the name itself, I can't get past the "oh my darlin'..." reference
    Olympia nn Ollie, Pia - This isn't bad, but it does make me immediately think of the Olympic games. It's better than Olivia though, which I hear EVERYWHERE.
    Sailor - I'm not a fan of occupation names, though there is certainly something about Sailor that intrigues me.
    Teagan - Not my style, I just don't think it sounds that nice.
    Pippa nn Pip - Not my usual style, but this is the name of my gorgeous new niece so I'm biased! Very cute!!
    Elliott - All boy for me.
    Juneau - I much prefer Juno, unless you have specific ties to the Alaskan city?
    Pearl - Lovely vintage gem (pardon the pun), I like it best in the middle spot though.
    Primrose - Gorgeous, though many are put off by the 'prim' part, it doesn't bother me.
    Isabeau - I prefer Isobel, beau just seems masculine to me (as it is the masculine form of belle).
    Darwin nn Winnie - Darwin is all boy to me. Winnie is very cute and there are much better paths to the nickname! Winifred, Gwendolyn, any 'Wen' name such as Arwen, Elowen etc

    My top picks are Juno (this spelling), Pearl, Primrose, Winnie (with a different long form) and Pippa!
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    Maisie - Maisie is very sweet. I like it as a nickname.
    Clementine - I love Clementine. A spunky, vintage feeling name.
    Olympia - I do not care for Olympia.
    Sailor - I have had Sailor on and off my list. It is a name that would honor my dad and have special meaning for him.
    Teagan - I love Teagan. I have Teagan on my long list, it just doesn't go well with most of my favorites.
    Pippa - Pippa is okay. I feel neutral about it.
    Elliott - I really like Elliot (I prefer this spelling, just my personal preference. I honestly like the name for with gender.
    Juneau - I do not care for Juneau.
    Pearl - I have Pearl as a middle name to honor my late grandma, sp Pearl is very special to me.
    Primrose - I do not care for Rose names. I absolutely love Rose. Rose is gorgeous and sweet all on it's own.
    Isabeau - I love Isabel, like Isbaella, but do not care for Isabeau.
    Darwin - I do not care for Darwin. I do not care for Darwin for either gender, besides it sounds very masculine to me.
    Beatrix - I feel neutral about Beatrix.

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    Maisie - Cute.
    Clementine - nms though I can see the appeal.
    Olympia - I like nn Ollie but I'm a bit unsure about Olympia.
    Sailor - nms.
    Teagan - Nice but a bit 'normal' next to some of your other choices.
    Pippa - For me Pippa is a nn for Philippa and it doesn't really hold its own as well as Maisie/Millie/Molly.
    Elliott - This is all boy for me. I think you have much prettier names on your list.
    Juneau - Much prefer Juno, or even Juniper nn Juno.
    Pearl - I can see it as a middle but for some reason Pearl has just never really appealed to me.
    Primrose - I really love this. Along with Rosemary it's one of my favourite 'Rose' names.
    Isabeau - Love this. Something a bit different after all the Isabel/Isobel/Isabella's and nn Beau is cute.
    Darwin nn Winnie - I'm not a fan of surname-names anyway and Darwin is a boys name to me. I think there are nicer/prettier ways to nn Winnie.
    Beatrix - My favourite on your list.

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