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    Merryn or Marin?

    Merryn (place name; rhymes with Erin)


    Marin (place name; pronounced like Marie; rhymes with Corinne)

    Do you like one or both? If so, preference?

    ...and with either version, would you spell as above or how would you spell either or both of these names?

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    For a boy or girl?

    I prefer Merryn (and that is how I would spell it, the only other way being Mirin) but it is a boys name, or at least is traditionally a boys name. It's a Cornish/Welsh Saints name and as such could never give it to a girl.

    I'm not a huge fan of Marin, something about the Ma sound at the start. Also, it would be mispronounced as Ma-rin (the a as in hat) I fear.
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    I definitely would choose Merryn Or maybe Maren?

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    Pronunciation-wise, I like Merryn better. However, Merryn makes my brain go weird - it wants to say "merry" (as in "Merry Christmas)", but then it tacks on the 'n' on the end, so it's kind of like, "Mary-Enn." Marian. I much prefer the spelling Maren. Makes things a lot simpler.

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    I like Merryn, but I prefer Merrin as a spelling.

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