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    We've been struggling with this as we've always thought names ending in -er should be out (surname Parker). We've been focusing on names ending in -o or -en/-on, but have been drawn to Arthur (nn Ari). Too much "er" for one name?

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    It's hard I can't use names ending in 'son' with my surname or his surname, and names ending in n are out unless we both really love them. Names with a lot of n sounds in them are out too, too many repeating sounds
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    I know for my parents, they had to discount several names they loved, because of our family surname.

    It was the surname of a former US President, as well as many other prominent figures from US history, including of course the wife of the former president. That was a girl's name my dad really loved, but he and my mom knew they could never use it, it would be too much of a weight to carry.

    And my grandpa himself, had a name he wanted to bestow on a son, after his best friend back in Wales. (My grandpa emigrated to the USA at 18). But alas, he realized this name would give a son the exact name as that US President, so that went out the window.
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    My last name (from marrying my husband) ends in -er and begins with M. So all the -er ending names I like are out the window (my first name is Heather and it sounds very odd when you say it with my last name) And first names that begin with "M" are out too.

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