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    My children's father and I are not married but they have his last name. I love love love Landon...but his last name begins with lam and ends in -an...WAY matchy.

    I am not a fan of alliteration, so in addition to Landon , I also lost...Luke, Larissa, Leilani, Lorelai, Lyndsay and pretty much any other L name I might have liked. Our oldest has the nn Lane/y but on paper and during introductions she always uses her full name.

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    Such a troublesome surname.
    I sometimes wish my husband had taken my surname (Wolf) instead. LOL
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    I really wished I could've used Parker
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    I would never be able to name an offspring anything that ends with 'sen', 'son', 'sønn' and so on. Because my last surname ends with 'sen' (meaning son, of the name the surnames first part represent), would it be a little over the top to get forced to carry two version of 'son's. Any name that stated with Ø would also have to go, because I'm sure the little creature wouldn't want to have to carry two Ø's. Maybe H-names have to dissapear from the list too. Well, it's not like I'm planning on getting a child.

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    Names ending in S are out if the kids were to have boyfriend's last name which starts with the same letter. I'm not totally decided on marriage, so there is a chance they'd be able to have my last name.... But then if they had my last name the name Malcolm nn Mac would be out (my last name is a mac-, and the reason I'd pick Mac as a nickname)

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