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    I'm sad that Br- names (esp. Bridget) are out for us.
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    I say goodbye to names ending in "S" and ending in en/on/in. Though I am not married and I will be getting married before having kids and taking his last name, so it isn't a big deal for me. Honestly, I would compromise for some of my names, such as my beloved Silas.

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    My son would probably be an Alexander, after my mom, if not for my -er ending last name.
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    I have three last names and I don't mind that it's so long, to me its about having a connection with my past, my ancestors, people who were very important in my mothers country and it was mandatory for my mother to continue on the name (she is one of six girls, no boys). So I have my fathers and mothers last names and I don't think I will change it, if and when I get married. I hope too that my kids will have my last name or a combination of my last name and DH. While my name goes GREAT with my whole last name. But the first last name is so harsh (KIRK-). When I first started to create a list full of names, I never really paid attention, if it went with my last name and it wasn't until now, that I started noticing. I basically chopped my list more than half because all of the names that I loved sounded horrible. I was so heart broken, I really was. I had fallen in loved with the names to the point that it was in my dreams. I can no longer use them. Bye Blaise, Carter, Pilar, Dean, Nash, Roman, and Beau.
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    I have a last name that goes with just about anything--except the name my parents chose. What were they thinking?????????

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