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    I can't use anything with a "sh" sound. I regretfully let go of Asher.

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    Oh, I feel for you ladies! I can't choose any name ending in an "e" sound. Which limits A LOT

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    It is a shame when that happens. I like alliteration, but I know a lot of people don't so I'm hesitant about using it for any future children. My parents had considered a G name for me, but they were also hesitant about the alliteration with our surname. It makes me sad because I love G names on boys; I've even considered changing my surname so that I can name my future children a G name.

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    Totally! We have a one-syllable name starting with T, which rules out all names ending in T as it sounds like one long name. It was a sad goodbye to Bennett, Benedict, and Grant. My mom tried to convince me to add Tatiana to the list, but it was wayyy to heavy on the Ts (think Tatiana Tang, but not).
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    My first name rhymes with my bf's surname, it also means that if we ever have children that Lyra, Zara and other names ending in the ruh/rah sound are ruled out. My mum rules out Alicia, Melissa and Marissa when naming me as is clashed badly with my surname and sounding too much like a tongue twister.

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