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Thread: Riley & Ivy

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    Riley & Ivy

    Are Riley & Ivy too close sounding for sisters?

    If so, we also considered Samantha, nn sam. But is this name too dated?

    Also on the list:


    I'd also love any suggestions, just 3 weeks to go and cannot come up with THE name for Riley's sister!

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    I like both names but they seem far to different in style to go together if you know what I mean. I consider Riley to be quite a modern name and ivy an old fashioned name.

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    Riley and Ivy would get me tongue tied. And I think Samantha is lovely, not too dated
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    Riley and Ivy are not THAT close in sound, but they are a little bit matchy and theme-y with their -ee endings, which may be a problem if you have other kids and do not want to keep with that name pattern. But that's my only concern with it, though. They are distinct enough, so it's not like your naming your kids Adeline and Madeline, or Owen and Coen. They are themed, but not in a bad way.

    BUT, I do have to say that I love Piper and Riley together. Both have a modern feel, are not frilly, are slightly unissex but are estabilished as girls' names, and compliment each other really nicely. It's the best sibset of your options, in my opinion!

    Ivy and Scarlett are a bit more vintage than Riley, and their styles kind of clash. Sisters Ivy and Scarlett would be lovely, though. Aand, since both are very "girly" names, it would also clash with Riley. In a sibset of Scarlett and Riley or Ivy and Riley, I would assume Riley was a boy - which is not the case with Piper and Riley.

    And I do think Samantha is a bit dated and a little bit overused, but not a bad name. It's just not my favourite for your sibset.

    IMO, Piper is the best name for you, and it would make a lovely match with big sister Riley.

    Best of luck and hope I could help! =)
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    Riley & Ivy are both lovely names, a little bit matchy matchy but not overly in my opinion. I'm really not a great lover of Samantha, and I don't think it goes with Riley or Ivy either.

    Scarlett is a beautiful name, as is Piper. I think Riley & Piper sound nice together, both being unisex and quite modern, whereas Scarlett goes better with Ivy as they're both more girly and cute.
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