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    How to get to Bay

    What are some formal names to arrive at the nickname Bay for a boy. I really like the nn, but I can't think of a longer name I like and I don't feel like it stands alone well. I've already thought of Bailey, Baylen, Bayless, Baylor, none of which suit our style. We sort of like Banyon, but not so sure about that either. Anything else, perhaps with -bay at the end of the name? Thanks!

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    I'm really liking Bay as nickname for a boy (it's all due to the series Once Upon a Time--yeah, I'm a fan) but I'm not keen on any full names either (besides Baelfire, which I adore, but could never bring myself to actually use).

    I think a lot of B- names would work with Bay as nickname, if you were open to nicknames that we're obvious/intuitive.

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    How about Bain, Baird, Baker, or Baden?

    btw, sunniva, I also immediately thought of Baelfire as soon as I started reading this post! I love OUAT It really is a wonderful name, but it would take a lot of guts to use it.
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    I love Bay too!! I would use it alone, but my husband doesn't like it as a stand alone. An option on our list, even though it may be a stretch, is Sebastian nn Bay.
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    Sebastian is my absolute favorite name for a boy, so I think that's perfect! But for whatever reason my husband hates the name. So we're still looking! Thanks for the ideas!

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