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    I have always loved Rosalie nn Sally.
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    Great choice by your friend! :grin: As a Sara nicknamed Sally since birth, I can tell you whole-heartedly that Sally works just fine for an adult. I actually tested this: with one job I used Sara, and another I switched back to Sally. At the place where I used Sally the response was overwhelmingly positive: since I was the only one with it, people always remembered my name; co-workers would sing it out (Hey Sallllllly!); people on the phone would comment on it positively, etc. I got none of that when I used Sara at the other job. (Heck, people even got me confused with other women named Sara/Sarah on the floor.) Of course, there are a million variables as to why that might have been, but I found it pretty interesting.

    Also: Sally is one of the top CEO names in the country, and a couple of years ago I was flipping through the mast heads of several magazines and was stunned to see the number of EIC's named Sally. I don't know how we've got into this mind-set that names that end in -ie/y don't work past a certain age. That's just not the case.

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    I think that almost any S name would work. Nicknames are sweet, but especially when it's used to honor/remember someone I feel that the given name is almost irrelevant to the nickname you want to call the child. Yes, the first letter of the name matching it would make sense, or any other specific sounds in it, but if they are sold on Sally for the significance, I'd say see if they like any specific S name. That would be just fine.

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    Oh and I do love the suggestion of Rosalie, nicknamed Sally. It probably would get less questions than Sara nicknamed Sally, since the "sal" is clearly in Rosalie.

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    I think Sally ages just fine! I adore Sally!

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