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    Thoughts on list

    I'm sorry I am posting AGAIN. Would you mind giving me your honest opinions on our current girl name list. Feel free to offer any suggestions you think might fit to add. Last name is Wind.

    Mahli Kate
    Milla Kate
    Aria Kate
    Harper Elle

    Thank you
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    Mahli Kate - not my style, sorry.
    Milla Kate - I like Milla a lot. I think I prefer Camilla nn Milla though.
    Aria Kate - very pretty.
    Harper Elle - I do like this, but I'm not sure that Harper Wind has the best flow for some reason.
    Harlow - a bit too trendy for me. I prefer Marlowe.
    Asha - pretty: I like it objectively, but it's not really my style.
    Marlo - I prefer the spelling Marlowe for a girl. I know of a girl named Marlo who is mistaken for Mario a lot when her name is written down. Marlowe totally eliminates that problem! I think Marlowe Wind is my favourite of your list. Marlowe Kate Wind would be really gorgeous, and uses an element of Kathleen.
    Torah - I don't like it I'm afraid.

    My favourites in order:
    1. Marlowe (Kate)
    2. Aria Kate
    3. Milla Kate
    4. Asha
    5. Harper Elle
    6. Harlow
    7. Mahli Kate
    8. Torah

    Best of luck!

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    My faves from your list are
    1. Milla Kate (LOVE!)
    2. Aria Kate (Love Aria, don't mind it with Kate)
    3. Harper Elle (Love Harper although much prefer Kate to Elle as a middle name next to Harper... Just sounds better in my opinion).

    Milla would be my choice!

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    My favourites on your list are:
    1.) Harper Elle (The best!)
    2.) Aria Kate (It sounds cute!)

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    Thank you so much ladies.

    Jem, glad you said you don't like Torah. Thought I was just being fussy again.

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