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    Though I like others before her, Mahli is jumping out at me...not the spelling, which I'm not so keen on here, but rather the sound. Marley Wind sounds great, and with this spelling, I really quite like it. The Kate, however, does feel very abrupt in the middle of the two though...

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    My top three (in order) are Harper, Marlo (Marlow), and Aria. I also love Elle.

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    I like
    Milla Kate - tho I prefer Mila
    Aria Kate
    Harper Elle

    And I also think Asha is really pretty.

    Just wanted to add, since you like Torah... Jora is one of my favorite Hebrew names I've come across. According to nb, means "autumn rain"...
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    Aria Kate - I think this is your best bet from your list. Very pretty
    Milla Kate - not really my style but a fine name
    Marlo - okay, though I vastly prefer Margo.
    Asha - not horrible, but I don't love it
    Harper Elle - the names of 2 magazines, seems too much to me. And Harper always reminds me of "harping on" something or Harpo Marx
    Harlow - this name always makes me think of harlot.
    Torah - interesting, never heard this used as a name. I have a feeling this might be seen as offensive to some Jewish people, though I've never seen it discussed
    Mahli Kate - I love Molly Kate. Mahli seems utterly pointless. Like spelling Sarah → Csairuh
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    Mahli Kate - too cutesy and I'm not crazy about the spelling. Is it suppose to me Molly?

    Milla Kate - Milla Wind doesn't sound very good.

    Aria Kate - too short. All three names would be four letters long.

    Harper Elle - harsh and unattractive

    Harlow - I don't like the last syllable with your surname (Low Wind)

    Asha - Ash and Wind?

    Marlo - see Harlow

    Torah - isn't this the name of the Jewish sacred scriptures?

    Sorry to be so brutal with your list. I think a longer non-word name is the best option with your short surname of Wind. Here are some suggestions.

    Leonora Wind
    Cecily Wind
    Milena Wind
    Isadora Wind
    Charlotte Wind
    Audrey Wind
    Delilah Wind
    Isobel Wind
    Susanna Wind
    Beatrice Wind
    Lorelei Wind
    Saskia Wind
    Joanna Wind
    Arabella Wind
    All the best,

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