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    Any way to honor all of these important ladies?

    I would love your help in finding a girl's name to honor a number of different important women in my life. The only thing is, I don't care for many of their names! Here are the names:

    Barbara Ann
    Joan Susan
    Judith Ann
    Elizabeth Ann

    I wouldn't want to use Barbara, Joan, Susan, or Judith. So there's the challenge! I like Elizabeth, but only as a middle. I do like Anna or maybe Anne and would be open to another form of any of these names...for example, I like Jane, but not Joan. Anyway, if you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them. Thanks!

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    Hmmm… Antonia, Anneliese, Annabel for all the Anns. Barbara is a tough one… Maybe another B name: Beatrix/Beatrice, Bella, Bree, Baila… or the very exotic Varvara (the Russian version of Barbara). Jane for Joan, June for JudithEliza, Liza, Ella, Lizabet, Elspeth, Elsbeth, Elsa for Elizabeth (though I do think Elizabeth is a fabulous name!). Susannah, Shoshannah, or Lily for Susan (since Susannah means lily).

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    Barbara means 'foreign' as do:

    Elodie (foreign riches)
    Luella (famous warrior; foreign)

    'Ella' could also be short for Elizabeth/ Elizabeth.

    The best I can do incorporate them all is:

    Elizabeth Susannah Jane nn 'Ella'

    Other ideas:

    Joan Susan could be Josie or Josephine.

    Judy instead of Judith.

    'Josephine Elodie' is a gorgeous combo that has the sounds of most of the names in it.

    ♡ Sophie Isabel Mary 11/10/2016 ♡

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    Just use Joanne as a middle name. That way you get the Jo- from Joan and Anne from all the rest

    AND you only use 1 middle spot leaving you with one or two spots to add names that you love!

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    I think using some form of Ann as a middle paired with a name you love as a first could honor everyone at once.


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