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    Quote Originally Posted by rainydaygarden View Post
    Just use Joanne as a middle name. That way you get the Jo- from Joan and Anne from all the rest

    AND you only use 1 middle spot leaving you with one or two spots to add names that you love!
    I think this is a very neat solution! Use Joanne or Susannah (or Joanna, Johanna, Susanne, Suzanna etc etc) as a middle and that covers Joan Susan and all the Anns and Annas. Zanna might work too, since it is a both a variant of Susannah and Jane/Joan and still contains the Anna part.

    Elizabeth is probably the most versatile of the names since it has so many variants and nicknames. Eliza Joanne or Elise Susannah would be lovely combos or two middles.
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    I love Annabelle and Nancy as forms of Anne. Nancy is an old diminutive of Anne, common in the Georgian era. I believe either the Bronte sisters or Jane Austen used it in one of their books, but right now, my sleep deprived brain can't remember which.

    As far as the others go:

    Susan (meaning 'lily') - Zuzanna, Susannah, Suzanne, Susie, Sosie, Shoshana, Lily, Lillian, Liliana

    Joan - Joanna/Joanne, Johannah, Jane, Joy, June

    Judith - Jude, June, Junia, Juniper

    Barbara - Bettina, Beatrice, Bonita, Bella

    Elizabeth - Libby, Lilibet, Lily, Elsie, Ellie, Eliza, Ella, Elspeth, Beth, Bethany, Bethan, Betsy

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    Your most problematic name is Joan Susan, since the others all contain 'Ann'. My pick would probably Susanna/Susannah because it honours the middle names of all four, and it's a nice name. Zanna is a super cute variant but I would probably use it as a short form.

    I think Annabel could also work well because 'Belle' has sometimes been used as a short form of Elizabeth and you'd have a strong 'b' sound which also helps you with Barbara. and some etymologies have Joan as related to the Ann- family of names through a shared meaning via Johannes, so you don't necessarily need to have a Jo-, but I think Susanna/h is a more elegant solution to incorporating Joan Susan anyway.

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    Thanks for your help! I like the idea of a middle name that combines something from Joan Susan with a form of Ann, like Joanne or Susanna. I prefer the sound of Susanna and like that it honors the middle names- good solution! I also like Annelise... maybe Annelise Jane or Jane Annelies. I've been thinking of Anna Jane as well. Thanks again!

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