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Thread: Kezia?

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    Smile Kezia?

    Thoughts on Kezia, please?
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    I adore it and related form Ketzia. It's sweet in meaning, Biblical, underused, and one of the very few K names that doesn't ping my kreative alarm.

    I do prefer the pronunciations with ZEE in them to the ones with ZYE in them. That's why I don't lean towards Keziah, which many people seem to read as kez-eye-ah.

    I like nature names, too, so it's kind of right up my alley.

    I've only met a couple Australian Kezias. Now it's really unexpected and a lot of people do not think of it as a Biblical name that springs to mind, but I like it.

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    I only know a girl with the Keziah spelling, so it looks more natural spelt this way to me (she says KEE-zee-uh, but I know kuh-ZYE-uh is more common). However, I don't like her as a person so that's an obvious bias - but I just dislike the sound.

    There are loads of other underused, quirky-fun biblical names that I prefer... Jemima, Tabitha, Galilee, Atara, Zipporah, Delilah. And there's Cassia/Kassia too. I also really like the above suggestion of Ketzia which I've never heard before.
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    Ketzia's used to transliterate the Hebrew, which has a "tzee" sound in it. (I've also seen Ketziya used by Israelis).

    I'm torn on spellings because I'd like to make it simple but but I don't know how familiar Kezia is anyway? And I like the option of Kitty as a nickname for Ketzia.

    I really like Hebrew names that have nature meanings, like Shoshana, Tamar, Yonina, etc. (I couldn't use Tzipporah but I'm glad it gets love, lol).

    Oliviasarah, you make me wanna start another thread on unexpected Biblical girls' names. I've been trying to post less, lol, you're not helping!

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    Unfortunately, it looks like it should be pronounced KEE-zee-uh, which makes me think of hematochezia (last part pronounced KEE-zee-uh), and means bloody stool. Sorry!
    But I don't think that's a well known word, and I acknowledge I'm overly sensitive about such things - eg I couldn't choose any of the Anna derivatives with an L following (Annaliese, Anna Lee) because I wouldn't warn any teasing about "anal" or "anally".

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