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    It's a girl! List opinions?

    So, today, my husband and I decided to call the doctor and ask about the gender of our baby due July 9th - the suspense was killing us. And it turns out it's a girl! I'm absolutely thrilled, and kind of relieved because I've only looked at girl names. So, now I really need to decide which names I like and which I don't.

    I know my list probably hasn't changed much and I post it often, but I really, really appreciate feedback. I would also really like if you would suggest me new names! Thank you!

    English - noble strength

    Latin - star

    Greek - garland, crown

    Egyptian - throne

    Italian - from France

    French - esteemed

    Greek - grace

    Italian - The Lord is gracious

    Greek - rock, stone

    Latin - heavenly

    Persian - flower name

    Welsh - white circle

    Spanish - song

    Spanish - lady of sorrows

    English - scarlet, red

    Russian - hope

    French - hope

    Latin - from the sea

    Latin - the Lord is my teacher

    Welsh - divine queen

    Flower name

    French - supplanter

    Word name

    Greek - most holy

    Greek - bright

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    Audrey - Perfectly usable, not much wow factor
    Stella - I like this, trendy but I like it
    Stephanie - Classic name but a little dated
    Isis - Not my style
    Francesca - Not my Style
    Esme - I can't get over twilight reference
    Charis - I feel like no one would say this right
    Gianna - I like this
    Petra - This is very unique, I like this
    Celeste - I love this, very nice
    Jasmine - Not my style
    Gwen - I love Gwen and its longer versions
    Carmen - I adore Carmen on a little girl, not frilly!
    Lola - My favorite!
    Scarlett - A little boring
    Nadia - Not my style
    Nadine - Not my style
    Marina - I like Marina, I'd use this
    Mariah - Just plain to me
    Rhiannon - Not my style
    Dahlia - I like Delilah more
    Jacqueline - Not bad
    Winter - Not my style
    Ariadne - Not a fan
    Phaedra - Do not like at all

    Top 3


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    I love that you have such a wide variety of names from different origins. My top 3 are:

    Lola- I've always loved this as a name and not just a nn
    Harper Finley, Lila Mary, Rory Addison, Reagan Mailys, Bryn Olivia

    Jackson Henry, Carter Grant, Elliot John, Sawyer Theodore, Grady Rhys

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    Audrey-one of my favorites.
    Stella-cute but not my style
    Stephanie-seems very 70s or 80s
    Isis-too out there for me. I prefer Isla or Ivy
    Francesca-pretty but too long and flowery for me. I prefer Frances
    Esme-pretty but reminds me of Twilight too much
    Charis-I prefer Carys, not sure how you pronounce it though. Pretty but might get mispelt and mispronounced
    Gianna-pretty but a bit long to me. What about Gia or nn Gia?
    Petra-pretty but I wouldn't be brave enough to use it
    Celeste-nms at all
    Jasmine-my sil name. I love it. It is pretty and underused.
    Gwen. I love this name too.
    Carmen. I went to school with a Carmen and she was a sweet, beautiful person so I love this name.
    Lola-cute and sort of trendy. There is some kind of negative history with this name that the older generation will know, the younger generation not so much. You might want to research and see if that bothers you or not.
    Scarlett-cute and becoming more popular (I know two under five), but not too popular. I dislike the nn Scar though!
    Nadia-very pretty and uncommon
    Nadine-my great aunt's name so seems very old lady to me
    Marina-cute. I knew an awesome Marina once, she's about early 30s now.
    Mariah-reminds me way too much f Mariah Carey
    Rhiannon-kind of cool, but kind of long.
    Dahlia-nms at all
    Jacqueline-pretty but dated
    Winter-too trendy/funky/hipster sounding
    Ariadne-don't know how to pronounce and would get mispelt all the time.
    Phaedra-weird to me (sorry)

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    Audrey, Stella, and Esme are favorites of mine! They are trendy but I'm ok with that. I don't think they're overly popular, particularly Esme is pretty rare in the states. Stephanie is a bit of a surprise considering how popular it was in the 70's, it really reminds me of the 80's in a way that make it hard for me to like it even if I'm sure it's a lovely name. Isis, Charis, Francesca and Gianna sound very the US at least. Petra is lovely and unusual. I don't much care for the sound of Celeste. Carmen is a little dated, it's a good name, I just associate it with my mother's generation. Lola is very pretty and girlish. Scarlett is fun, but not really my style. Mariah I don't like much, I prefer Maria or Marie or Mary. Rhiannon, very beautiful, I've always loved this name but could never use it. Dahlia makes me think of the Black Dahlia, not a good association..although it is really pretty. Jacqueline is a great name, I think it's feminine and spunky even if it is a little dated.

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