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    How do you know its "the name"??

    Over the weekend, we were 99% confident that we wanted to name our second son Graham. But now, the more I say it with our surname, I feel like the name Graham is sort of a stumble with our last name that sounds like Brenner (but actually has one M instead of two N's.) UGH! Now I'm really upset because it was the only name we could agree on! Husband wanted Graydon (nn Grady) and I wanted Griffin. Grant is out because we have a friend that already used it and there are no other G names we want to consider. Do you think Graham Brenner (with an M) works? We only have 6 wks left and I'm starting to panic! I really don't want to go back to the drawing board after months of agonizing over this name but I'm afraid of settling too. HELP me recover my sanity!

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    I think it sounds great and you're just over thinking things!
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    For me, I know I love love love a name when:

    I cannot stop thinking about it.
    I fantasize about how, when, why, and where I would write or say the beloved name.
    It makes me feel happy, warm, inspired, motivated, and satisfied.
    You like to just say the name out loud because you can.
    You were excited when you found it.
    You enjoy writing it in different handwriting.
    you like the way it looks written on paper.
    You like the way it sounds.
    You enjoy spelling it.

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    Thanks, I do feel those things about Graham in general but just worry about it when paired with our LN. Our first son's name, Lucas, just flows better with our last name IMO and maybe thats why I'm having such an issue.

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    When you're so excited about a name that you just can't wait to have the baby and sign the paperwork to make it official.

    I have only met one Graham in my life (in kindergarten, so I was reminded of the crackers at the time). It seems to be catching on lately. I can see your dilemma with all the m sounds, but it isn't terrible. Just continue looking, but if you keep coming back to Graham, then use it!

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