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    Ridiculous twin names

    I stumbled on this article from the 80s about some research done on twins and inherited personality traits, and it has a picture of twin boys. The poor little guys are named Jón Birgir and Jón Bjarni. Like their parents could barely be bothered to come up with two names.

    I've also met twins with slightly less common names that I won't post, where one woman was named after their grandmother. The other woman was given names that rhymed with their grandmother's name. Their first names and middle names rhymed, it was absurd, think Holly Anna and Molly Hannah. I felt bad for the woman who was 'just the rhyme' to go with her sister.

    I really doubt the parents of these twins would have done that if they were siblings of different ages. Don't twins already have issues with individuality without being named like they're basically one person?

    Have you come across any dreadful examples of twin naming?

    Edit: I gather the two Jóns are known rather by their middle names (which practically they'd have to be!), but still.
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    My husband's great grandfather and his brother were twins, named Vanny and Danny. I know a set of twins who are elementary school aged now named Cory and Cody, I always thought those were awful. The worst I have seen were a set I came across while working for social security- Danian and Damian. These were so ridiculously close that their medical records and things were constantly getting mixed up.

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    I forget what show it was exactly but there was a true crime show with identical twin suspect brothers Dante (Dan-tay) and Donte (Don-tay).

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    I saw this show today (called Evil Twins) and they were talking about twins named Darlene and Charlene. They stole money from the US government during the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. I'll post the wikipedia link here if you're interested:
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    It would appear that in generations past, twins were often given similar names. These days parents are more inclined to give them names that aren't so alike. I personally like the idea of twin names that sound good together, but are different enough to be individual. For twin boys my pick would have been Toby and Jacob but since I now have a singular Toby that's not gonna happen!

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