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    I had distant relatives Donald and Ronald....ha!

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    My grandma had 4 sets of twins & most of them have ok pairings... except for Jack & Jill.

    I went to elementary school with identical twins named Mark & Kirk.
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    I feel fairly strongly about this issue, being a twin myself. Thankfully, my twin and I have totally different names (Jemima and Gret3l). I knew of twins around my age (so about 20) called Anne and Anna. I almost fell over. It was SO cruel!
    Thankfully, most of the twins I know have distinctly separate names.

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    SSA mentions Emma and Ella and Olivia and Oliver as one of the most popular...Why, people? Being a twin myself, I know how irritating it is to have your name confused, so why make it worse?

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    I've always liked the idea of twin names having a link.
    Having the same meaning... Eve and Zoe
    both being a flower... Holly and Daisy
    both being a gem... Pearl and Ruby
    having similar origins... Daphne and Phoebe
    or from the same story... Caleb and Joshua

    I think the only combo I like that's pretty "matchy" is Zane and Zara, but since it's for B/G twins I think it's less problematic since they aren't going to get confused.

    But I definitely agree that only having a couple letters different is not in the kids best interest; socially, legally, personally, or anything really. Of course, there will always be some twins who really embrace their similarity and want to be as much alike as they can, but from my experience they're more the exception than the rule.
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