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    Is Lark too abrupt?

    I've always loved the name Lark and have usually only considered it as a middle name because of it's single syllable. I just love it too much to confine it to the middle spot where it will rarely be heard! That being said, do you think Lark is too abrupt or "choppy" as a first name (not considering the last name)?

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    I too think Lark makes a standout middle name, but yes I find it a bit abrupt as a first. It is not that it is one syllable, but rather the combination of letters that give it that abrupt sound -- which seems to be more forgiving on boys. I don't think that abruptness is necessarily a bad thing though. There are other names that have an abrupt quality to them that are used successfully as well.

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    I love it as a middle name, but not so much as a first… but if you really love it, you should use it! There are lots of abrupt, common, one-syllable names (Kirk? Pete? Mark?)--Lark is just one you're not used to hearing as much! Come to think of it, it's really only one letter off from Mark

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    Anything with a long vowel sound in the middle and that begins and ends (especially one that ends) with a hard consonant (k, t, etc.) is going to sound abrupt. So that means many name out there sound abrupt! Kate is one of them, and it's considered popular and beautiful. Pair Lark with a long middle (3 or 4 syllables) and maybe go for one with softer sounds. Elizabeth, Josephine, those sorts of names. I think Lark is beautiful and your little girl will stand out :-)

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