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    Themed Families..

    OK so i will state a theme and the next person has to follow it. For instance…

    John Jacob and Jessica Jane Jenkins have 7 children-3 boys and 4 girls-all whose first and middle names begin with J.
    The next person will then create that family
    DH: John Jacob Jenkins
    DW: Jessica Jane Jenkins
    DS: Joshua James Jenkins
    DS: Justin Jared Jenkins
    DD: Justine Jade Jenkins
    DD: Jennifer June Jenkins
    DS: Jeremy Jace Jenkins
    DD: Julianna Jean Jenkins
    DD: Jocelyn Jada Jenkins

    They will then post a new family theme for the next person to create.

    Be creative!! You can make someone post a family where all the kids initials spell out a 3 letter word, everyone has the initials BD, everyones name means fire, Everyones name ends in R, everyones name is from a certain movie, everyones name is very old fashioned…whatever you like!!!

    All you need to make sure to include in the description is the parents first and last name (middle is not necessary, but can make it more fun), how many children, and how many of each gender, and what your “theme” will be.

    I’ll start.

    Carlos Oscar Sadler and Tessa Alison Sadler have 10 children-4 boys and 3 girls. All the boys have the same initials as Dad (COS) and all the girls have the same initials as mum (TAS).

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    Carlos Oscar Sadler
    Tessa Alison Sadler

    Tabitha Alison Sadler
    Cedric Oliver Sadler
    Theodora Ainsley Sadler
    Charles Owen Sadler
    Caleb Oscar Sadler
    Casper Orion Sadler
    Theresa Annabelle Sadler

    Next theme: Matthew Olivier Beauregard & Lily Mathilde Beauregard have 8 children - four girls and four boys. All of their boys have biblical first names, and all of the girls have flower first names. All 8 children have French middle names.

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    Matthew Olivier Beauregard
    Lily Mathilde Beauregard

    DS: Peter Sébastien
    DD: Rose Amelie
    DS: Noah Valentin
    DD: Violet Estelle
    DD: Daisy Vivienne
    DS: Simon Andre
    DS: Isaac Marcel
    DD: Ivy Margeurite

    Next theme:
    August Phillip Montgomery and Bridget Clementine Montgomery have 9 kids: 3 boys and 6 girls, the first names for all of the children should continue the alphabet (A, B, now you start with C). The middle names for the boys should be inspired by a Disney character and the middle names for girls inspired by food/drinks.

    Caroline Phoebe Isobel Vivian Alice Pearl Katerina Amélie Rose Tess Nina Blair Margot Sasha

    Alaric Theodore Reid Henry Leo Holden Felix Graham Ezra Alexander Milo Maxwell Ronan Jasper

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    August Phillips Montgomery
    Bridget Clementine Montgomery

    DD: Charlotte Apple Montgomery
    DS: Dawson Christof Montgomery
    DS: Edmond Flynn Montgomery
    DD: Felicity Saffron Montgomery
    DD: Genevieve Olive Montogmery
    DD: Hadley Sage Montgomery
    DS: Isaac Sebastian Montgomery
    DD: Jacqueline Cherry Montgomery
    DD: Katherine Plum Montgomery

    Next Theme: All middle names must begin with S
    All first names are nature or animal names
    Parents: Byron Clarke and Nina Clarke

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    A green and pleasant land
    August Phillip Montgomery and Bridget Clementine Montgomery:

    DS: Charles Kingston
    DD: Delia Capucine
    DD: Elspeth Sultana
    DS: Frederick Maurice
    DS: George Eric
    DD: Helena Plum
    DD: Isabelle Juniper
    DD: Jemima Shirley
    DD: Kathleen Cerise

    Romeo Sylvester Vessina and Sofia Valentine Vessina both have romantic names. They've decided to carry on the theme with their 4 daughters and 3 sons. (either first or middle, it can be anything related to romance- love-related words, famous lovers, common terms of endearment) The other name for each girl must be a feminization.
    ~Love names, literature, royals and horses~ <3

    Favourite names:
    Girls: Azalea, Cordelia, Elizabeth, Rosalind, Scarlett, Felicity, Juliet
    Boys: Fitzwilliam, Sebastian, Percival, Oliver, Darcy, Orlando

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