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    Gabriel Boutin, Nathan Byrd

    Fiammetta Lourdes
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    Miller Thomas and Hollis Mackenzie Stanley have 8 children. 3 first names are water related, 3 are 4 letters, and 2 are two syllables. 4 middle names are surnames, 2 are occupation names, and the other 2 begin with the letter E.

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    Finley and Destin have 5 children whose names all begin with different vowels. Middles begin with Z, Y, X, W, and V.
    Girls: Katerina - Rowena - Arabella - Lyra - Daisy - Aurelia -Cecily - Arwen - Beatrix - Theodora - Isadora

    Boys: Nathaniel - Leonidas - Asher - Theodore - River - Peter - Archer - Arthur - Desmond - Gabriel - Conrad - Theseus - Phineas

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    Alex and Sammy have 7 children. All of them have the initials D.E.C. All of their first names are longer than their middle names, and their first middle names are longer than their second middle names.
    20. Just another name nerd not having kids any time soon.

    Rosemary | Eleanor | Penelope | Arabella | Elise | Adelaide | Elena | Florence | Noelle | Lavender | Leire | Sage | Ingrid | Raffaella | Calliope
    Benjamin | Theodore | Jude | Rafael | Leo | Elio | Atlas | Everett | Emmanuel | Gus | Felix | Basil | Indigo | Remy | Rembrandt | Percival
    Ingrid Elena | Francesca Ilaria | Sage Evangeline | Thea Rosemary
    Felix Gustav | Basil Alejandro | Indigo Rafael | Hugo Vincent

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    You have five kids. They have these initials:
    G E M
    M E G
    E M G
    E E G
    M E E

    Three of their first names have to do with the moon, two with the sun. Three of the first middles have to do with canines, two with cats. All of their second middles are old lady/man names.
    matilda valentine "tillie." beatrix briar "bee." louise lark "lola." piper clementine. thisbe lavender. phoebe callista. waverly lunaria.

    roswell zigmund "wells." caspian apollo "casper." evander robin "van." felix finch. henry cosmo. alistair cousteau. florian wilder. ira august.

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    This one was freaking hard! The initials made it almost impossible. I’ve been at this for a whole day. This was the best I could do and it’s not perfect. If anyone can do better, I’m curious how.

    DD: Galaxy Electra Myrtle "Gala"
    DD: Malina Eddie Geraldine "Mal"
    DD: Eloise Marie Gladys "Elle"
    DD: Elara Elvis Gertrude "Lara"
    DS: Monday Einstein Eugene "Day"

    Galaxy: need I explain that one?
    Malina: solar deity in Inuit religion.
    Eloise: it is sometimes associated with the Greek word ‘ηλιος (helios) "sun".
    Elara: a moon of Jupiter
    Monday: from the English word for the day of the week, which was derived from Old English mona "moon" and dæg "day".
    Electra: in the comic strip Cathy by Cathy Guisewite.
    Eddie: from the television show Frazer.
    Marie: from Aristocats.
    Elvis: from Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead.
    Einstein: from Back To The Future.

    * * *

    JosephinePosey” Malek and Eyad Malek have eleven children: 6 boys and 5 girls (including a pair of twins.) Their first names should be long, of the opposite gender and with an unusual nickname. Their middle names should be related to Egyptian mythology. The twins' names (first and middle) should also be opposites (you decide in what manner.)
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