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    Matt & Lucy
    Sansa Louise
    Eddard Max "Ned"
    Tyrion Magnus
    Brienne Lydia

    Zachary & Zoe Zimmerman love the fact they share a fairly unique initial. Their 6 kids (three boys, three girls) also have Z first names. Their middle names come from their parents favourite saga, the Star Wars movies (both characters and cast/crew are fine).
    Arabella, Thibault, Sophia, Alfred, Eleanor, Rémi, Charlotte, Achille, Olivia, Clement, Elizabeth, Frederick, Maud, Benedict, Adèle.

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    DS: Tyrion Maxwell
    DD: Arya Lucille
    DD: Cersei Laura
    DS: Theon Magnus

    Zachary & Zoe Zimmerman

    DS: Zion Harrison
    DD: Zahara Beru
    DD: Zuri Leia
    DS: Zebulon Lucas
    DS: Zavian Alec
    DD: Ziv Taylor

    Casey and Lance have seven children (three boys and four girls, inc. G/G twins). The children's names all start with the last letter of the child before them (eg: Kai, Isabel, Lewis, Sienna, etc)- make sure the last child's name also ends with the same initial that the first child's starts with. Their middle names are all taken from popular American sit-coms.
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    Zachary & Zoe Zimmerman

    Zander Luke
    Zinnia Padme
    Zain Lando
    Zanthe Leia
    Zariel Annie
    Zavier Han

    Casey & Lance

    Ariel Rachel
    Lucie Robin
    Evan Chandler
    Nick Sheldon
    Kate Maris
    Eli Raymond
    Isla Mary

    Micah & Juliet met at a Halloween party. The first names of their three boys and one girl should be Halloween related. The kids middle names should relate to the four seasons (one for each kid).
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    DS: Casper Snow
    DS: Salem Leif
    DD: Wednesday Blossom
    DS: Bram Sonny

    Liv and Damien have six daughters. Their first names begin with vowels and all have different endings (-ie/-y/-ee/-eigh count as the same ending) and their middle names are birds.

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    Amber Swan
    Emery Sparrow
    Alexia Wren
    Evelyn Lark
    Isabelle Jay

    Carter and Madison have seven children, four boys and three girls. All of their children have surname first names. Their middle names should use all of the same initials as all of their first names, but none of the names should repeat initials. (For example, if the first names started with F, I, K, and S, the middles could start with K, S, I, and F respectively.)
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