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    DS: Eldon Michael
    DD/DD: Emira Alice & Evanna Charlotte
    DD: Enora Victoria
    DD: Emlyn Sarah
    DS/DS: Eliah William & Everad James
    DD: Elysia Grace

    Clara & Andrew have 7 children (4 girls, 3 boys) with twins on the way. As Clara & Andrew both love reading and believe it is very important, they have given all of their children literary names. One of the girls was born premature so her middle name is a virtue name. They rest of the name have C starting middle names and the boys have A starting middle names. The twins on the way will have 'matching' names (their names could be siblings in a book or their names just sound matchy).
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    DS: Etienne Oliver
    DS: Eryx Frederick
    DS: Endymion James
    DD: Evanthe Beatrice
    DD: Estée Elizabeth
    DD: Emina Alice
    DD: Egypt Louise
    DD: Elettra Caroline

    For Angus and Delia's children (3 girls, 4 boys), they had chosen surnames of famous British actors (no repeats of first initials) and middle names that begin with C.

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    Olivia Susan and Benjamin Arthur Goodfellow have 6 children. Olivia has two daughters from her first marriage, both with strong first names and floral middles. Arthur has two sons from his first marriage, both go by nicknames but have formal first names. They got married and had boy/girl twins. They each picked one name.

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    DD: Kendra Rose
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    DS: Nathan James (Nate)
    DS: Matthew David (Matt)
    DD/DS: Timothy Luke & Eden Lilly

    Thomas and Jessica have 6 children, all girls. Their first names are alphabetical and at least 2syllables but dont have to be consecutive (they can be a,d,e,g,j,k,m... or anything else) and their middle names are after disney princesses but only real names. (no one should be named Cinderella)

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    Anna Magdalene and Thomas Micha Williams have five children. Each of their children is given a classic first name and a middle name staring with M, following the trend of their own names. In addition, their first child, a boy, has a middle name attached to his father in some way; and their only girl, has a middle name that signifies their many travels together.
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