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    Hannah Bennett Maxwell and James Willoughby Hunter

    Clementine Greer and Matilda Lennox
    Dashiell Walker, Tallulah Gray and Leopold Sawyer

    Neville Bailey Goodwin and Agnes Millicent Goodwin are the happy parents of 5 daughters. Neville and Agnes love science and science-fiction and are particularly fascinated with space. They decided to give their daughter's names that reflect their shared passions.

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    The Goodwin Family
    Estelle Leia
    Adhara Luna
    Tesla Aster
    Mary Nova
    Dana Lumen

    Matthew James and Elizabeth Anne both have common names. They 9 have children, 5 girls and 4 boys. They want the names to be unusual. Names should be based on their interests (Supernatural shows and books, classic rock, and planting flower gardens)
    Aurora. Belle. Claire. Celeste. Daisy. Emmeline. Eleanor. Grace. Lucille. Liliana. Louise. Maia. Mariposa. Ruby. Zelda.

    Benjamin. Castiel. Elijah. Elliott. Ezekiel. Ezra. Gideon. Henry. Julian. Kane. Logan. Maxwell. Oliver. Tristan. Wesley.

    Guilty Pleasures:
    Echo. Ever. Fable. Luna. Lyric. Maple. Nova. Petal. Poet. Sonnet. Shade. Story. Storm. Tulip. True.

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    DD Marigold Sabbath (The flower and Black Sabbath)
    DS Jagger Night (Rolling Stones and M. Night Shyamalan)
    DS Lennon Carpenter (The Beatles and director John Carpenter)
    DD Raimi Sabriel (Director Sam Raimi and book Sabriel)
    DS Zeppelin Crowe (Led Zeppelin and Bruce Willis' character in Sixth Sense)
    DD Azalea Diamond (The flower and Neil Diamond)
    DD Carmody Primrose (Author Isobelle Carmody and the flower)
    DS Hendrix Torrance (Jimi Hendrix and The Shining)
    DD Cordelia Queen (American Horror Story and band Queen)

    Owen Marcus and Phoebe Lauren Foster have seven children (five boys and two girls). The boys' names all end in -er and are unusual occupation or word names. The girls' name both end with O or an O sound (-ow/-oh/-eau) but are not unisex (only girls). All the children have middle names that are the surnames of 20th century actresses.

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    DS: Fisher Davis
    DS: Parker Monroe
    DD: Willow Spencer
    DS: River Shields
    DS/DD: Sawyer Andrews & Shiloh Ryan
    DS: Hunter White

    Allen Scott & Johanna Willow have eight children, four boys and four girls, with two sets of twins. All of the children's names (first and middles) must have a set of double letters, and the sets of twins should have first names with matching initials (the middle initials do not have to match).
    *~~Savanna Marie, Aria Kathleen, Scarlett Ann, Genevieve Leigh, Emery Lucille~~*

    *~~Zachary James, Nicholas Robert, Theodore John, Daniel Joshua, Benjamin Oliver~~*

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    DS: Atticus Brooks
    DD/DD: Luella Poppy and Calliope Saffron
    DS: Maddox Elliot
    DD: Tallulah Juliette
    DS/DD: Finn Lennon and Scarlett Vivienne
    DS: Otto Thaddeus

    For their eight children (five girls, three boys), Cassie and Damien have chosen names that all begin with E and are outside the top 1000 (can be made up, words or just unusual). Their middle names must not share initials, and should all be classic and non-unisex.

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