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    DS: Beretta Christina, Remington Vincent & Arrieta Emma
    DS: Maverick Rune
    DD: Aya Ophelia
    DS: Wesson Davidson & Smith Britten
    DS: Marlin Harley

    (Atheists: Greta Christina, Emma Goldman, Ophelia Benson)

    Mason & Orlando have seven children, including one set of twins, all adopted from 6 different continents. At least two are girls. All the children's first names are after famous natural landmarks from their continents of origin. At least three of the children's middle names are after coniferous plants and at least another three are after succulents (meaning the seventh child can have either).
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    DD: Sahara Ivy
    DS: Reef Bishop
    DS: Everest Aloe
    DD: Angel Sequoia
    DS/DD: Rocky Calico and Denali Aspen
    DD: Aurora Jade

    Anders and Hermione have eight children, all the same sex. The children's first names are short (five letters or less) and are taken either from a book or a film (or both!). Their middle names are longer (3+ syllables) and regal-sounding.
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    Anders and Hermione

    Percy Livingston (The Lightning Thief)
    Grey Alexander (Fifty Shades of Grey)
    Jacob Leopold (Water for Elephants/Twilight)
    Henry Nicholas (The Time Traveler’s Wife)
    Finn Augustus (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn)
    Alden Thodore (The Quiet America)
    Rhett Abraham (Gone With the Wind)
    Colin Reginald (The Secret Garden)

    Brynna & Jonah Mitchell Have 10 children, 3 girls, 7 boys. All of their first names end in the short A sound like their parents. The middle names all come from classic rock songs (not artists) from the 60s & 70s.

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    Noah Kashmir
    Costa Thomas
    Elijah Wild
    Akira Jude
    Indiana Jack
    Luca Riley
    Sasha Sun

    Willa Stephanie
    Saskia Emily
    Livia Lotta

    Space Oddity (Ground control to Major Tom)
    Born To Be Wild
    Hey Jude
    Jumpin Jack Flash
    Baba O'Riley
    House Of The Rising Sun

    Stephanie Says
    See Emily Play
    Whole Lotta Love

    Arthur & Saula have 12 children - 4 of one gender, 8 of the other - and all coincidentally share a name with a rapper/Rnb/hip hop artist. These names can be given names, surnames and stage names, but none are extremely specific to the "namesake" (no Beyonces or Kanyes please). Middle names should begin with the letter before or after the first initial.

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    Flo Elodie
    Stacy Raquel
    Nikki Melina
    Trina Sophronia

    Rick Samuel
    West Xavier
    Jay Ivan
    Mac Nicolai
    Kevin Lachlan
    William Vasily
    Jaime Kensington
    Cameron Blake

    Emily Eve and Calvin Charles Royce have 13 children: 3 boys and 10 girls. They decided to give all their children names (first and middle) that were within the top 100 in 1880 but all the names have to seem on trend today. Additionally, the middle and first names start with the same letter.

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