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    Hunter & Ulla
    DS: Claudius Abbott Sage "Cas"
    DS: Stefan Ellison Basil "Seb"
    DS: Kristoff Amory Ilex "Kai"
    DD: Adelia Murphy Acacia "Ama"
    DD: Spencer Indiana Linnea "Sil"
    DD: Katerina Ira Tulip "Kit"
    DD: Ophelia Bellamy Yasmin "Oby"
    DD: Emily Mercer Azalea "Ema"
    DD: Beatrice Evian Lotus "Bel"
    DD: Tatiana Emmett Senna "Tes"

    Maxfield and Jennef have 6 children, at least 2 of each gender. The first names should be common first with a unusual twist (Something very unusual). The middle names are relating to future hobbies/jobs they want their children to have. (Pick from these hobbies/jobs - Photography, baseball, mathematician, rock music, acting, travelling, botany or soccer)
    Aurora. Belle. Claire. Celeste. Daisy. Emmeline. Eleanor. Grace. Lucille. Liliana. Louise. Maia. Mariposa. Ruby. Zelda.

    Benjamin. Castiel. Elijah. Elliott. Ezekiel. Ezra. Gideon. Henry. Julian. Kane. Logan. Maxwell. Oliver. Tristan. Wesley.

    Guilty Pleasures:
    Echo. Ever. Fable. Luna. Lyric. Maple. Nova. Petal. Poet. Sonnet. Shade. Story. Storm. Tulip. True.

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    Ilizabith = Elizabeth
    Skandar = Alexander
    Willoughby = William
    Cloelia = Chloe
    Madigan = Madison
    Sybella = Isabella

    Photography - Man Ray
    Acting - Laurence Olivier
    Baseball - Cy Young
    Rock Music - Roxanne, Police
    Botany - Azalea
    Maths - Sophie Germain

    Ilizabith Ray
    Skandar Olivier
    Willoughby Cy
    Cloelia Roxanne
    Madigan Azalea
    Sybella Sophie

    Emmanuella & Ryan have 2 boys and 5 girls, or 5 boys and 2 girls. Their first names are old-fashioned, monosyllabic and no less than 5 letters in length. The first two letters from each child's middle name should be the first two letters of the previous child's first name e.g. Child 1: Burke Mackenzie, Child 2: Lloyd Burgundy....Child 5: Jules Lavinia, Child 6: Royce Justin, Child 7: Maeve Rosalind
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    Emmanuella & Ryan

    Chase Nolan
    Brooke Charlotte
    Lance Braden
    Blake Lawson
    Reece Blair
    Heath Reid
    Rhett Henley

    Jamie & Booker Van Hout have 9 children. Their first names are all from American history and their middle names are famous animals (from tv, movies, or real life... Ed = Mr. Ed... Lassie... etc)

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    Jamie & Booker Van Hout

    Abraham Bolt (Lincoln)
    George Garfield (Washington)
    Benjamin Kermit (Franklin)
    Harriet Nala (Beecher Stowe)
    Theodore Donald (Roosevelt)
    Susan Luna (B. Anthony)
    Clara Minnie (Barton)
    Lucretia Flopsy (Mott)
    John Felix (Adams)

    Michael & Louise Tyler are photographers. Their 6 children (four boys and 2 girls) are named after famous photographers' surnames (see this link for inspiration: Their middle names are variations of Michael and Louise.
    Arabella, Thibault, Sophia, Alfred, Eleanor, Rémi, Charlotte, Achille, Olivia, Clement, Elizabeth, Frederick, Maud, Benedict, Adèle.

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    DS: Weston Mikko
    DD: Cartier Luana
    DS: Brandt Micah
    DS: Arbus Mischa
    DS: Wolfe Mietek
    DD: Bailey Eloise

    Billie and Hayden have four daughters and three sons. Their first names are taken from famous roads, streets or other specific urban landmarks (ie not just "Lane"). Their middle names all begin with the same letter but do not share an ending.

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