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    Golden and Breeze have

    1. Afternoon Joy
    2. Blue Bell
    3. Camera Love
    4. Dancer Soul
    5. Ever Saul
    6. Fierce Lee
    7. Galatea Ash

    AnnaMaria and JonMichael [/COLOR]Barbano have 6 kids, four boys and two girls. Each of the children has a first name that is a combination of two others, which are all Italian. Their middle names all start with G.

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    Giancarlo Giacomo
    PietroLuca Guiseppe
    FrancaMaria Gianna
    EmanuelaLucia Gioia
    Michelangelo Gregorio
    FabrizioPaolo Giorgio

    Viola and Duke have 5 children, 3 girls and 2 boys. They all have Shakespeare names for their first and place names for their middles.
    Senna Elizabeth
    Tobias Everett
    Sterling Joel/Dashiell Colm

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    Viola and Duke's five children are named:

    DD: Celia Alexandria
    DD: Imogen Odessa
    DD: Nerissa Ceylon
    DS: Bertram York
    DS: Moth Palermo

    Sorsha and Dylan McCormick have 9 kids. Five are boys, four are girls. Each have an Irish first name, traditionally spelled. They eahc have two middle names, one Latin and one an attribute.

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    DS: Senan Cassius Loyal
    DD: Aoife Miranda Prudence
    DD: Orlaith Clementine Grace
    DS: Cillian Ignatius Noble
    DS: Tadhg Augustus Valor
    DS: Fionn Atticus Bravery
    DD: Niamh Aurelia Patience
    DS: Ruari Benedict Courage
    DD: Clodagh Felicity Charisma

    Emily and Duncan's nine children are all named after famous explorers and architects. Their middle names are taken from well-known album titles.

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    DS: Oscar Moon (Oscar Niemeyer)
    DS: Edmund Ziggy (Hillary)
    DS: Frei Joshua (Frei Otto)
    DS: Harry Rain (Harry Seidler)
    DS: Burke Nico (Burke and Wills)
    DD: Safdie Grace (Moshe Safdie)
    DD: Wren Vespertine (Christopher Wren)
    DS: Ludwig Mylo (Mies van der Rohe)
    DS: Leif London (Leif Erikson)

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