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    That was really hard!

    DD: Mariah Lucille
    DS: Josh Abner
    DD: Shiloh Aurora
    DD: Hayleigh Eliora
    DD: Faith Helena

    Emily and Sophie have 7 children. Their first and middle initials must be consecutive in the alphabet (for example, BC or IJ). For each child, either the first or middle name must be the name of a place (city, country, state, continent, etc), and the other name (first or middle) must be the name of a plant or flower.

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    DD: Ireland Jasmine
    DD: Daisy Eden
    DS: Israel Jonquil
    DD: Adelaide Bryony
    DD: Primrose Quinton
    DS: Aster Bluebell
    DD: Azalea Bristol

    Nadine & Joseph have 8 children. All eight have first names beginning with different letters, and they all have a Z or an X in them. Their middle names are all obscure names from the Bible.

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    Hazel Magdalene
    Ezra Obadiah
    Zane Abner
    Alex Lazarus
    Phoenix Keziah
    Maxwell Samson
    Knox Gideon
    Lennox Zebedee

    The Francis Family consists of two parents (Ashley and Mason) and their three daughters. Everyone in the family's first and middle names are most commonly found on the opposite genders.
    Ingrid, Sarai, Edith, Clara, Geneva, and Judith
    Keller, Graham, Ezra, and Isaac

    If I had a baby today, it would be named:Clara Naomi/Ezra Lloyd

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    Ashley & Mason Francis
    + their three daughters:
    Wiley Elliott (11)
    Ira Sinclaire (8)
    Flynn Raleigh (2)

    Next is the Faulkner Family, Liam & Isaac have 4 children, 1 set of twins. All of the children's first names are inspired but famous bodies of water, the middle names could be anything, but they had to balance the first name to make them all the same length.
    River Elisabeth
    Thames Henry
    Loire Margaret

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    Victoria Scarlett Faulkner (Lake Victoria)
    Tasman Henry Faulkner & Hudson Ezra Faulkner (Hudson Bay and Tasman Sea)
    India Marie Faulkner (Indian Ocean)

    Amy Morado and Jason Smith have 6 children-- 2 of one sex and 4 of the other. They all have three-letter first names, and their middle names begin with the second letter of their first names. Their middle names must also end with T. The children have the hyphenated middle name Morado-Smith.

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