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    Jun 2016
    DD: Nala Indigo
    DS: Jasper Murdock
    DD: Joanna Nova
    DS: Sebastian Jack
    DD: Ena Storm
    DS: Flynt Parker
    DD: Carlotta Juno

    Jen and Tom have 8 kids, four of each gender. All their first names are long and Italian, but are shortened into 3 letter nicknames. The middle names are Hawaiian.

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    Nov 2013
    DS; Renato "Ren" Keahi
    DD; Viviana "Viv" Kalea
    DS; Donatello "Don" Kapena
    DD; Emiliana "Emi" Noelani
    DS; Leonardo "Leo" Keanu
    DD; Fiammetta "Fia" Leilani
    DS; Benedetto "Ben" Keone
    DD; Gianna "Gia" Malia

    4 Girls; 3 Boys - First names with 4+ syllables; Names with a legendary/fantasy feel - Middle names from Nameberry's Fameberry List for 2012.
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    Seraleina Maple
    Caitriona Blue
    Cassiopeia Olive
    Aileana Fay
    Zoroaster Gray
    Tiberius Willow
    Archimedes West

    6 girls, 2 boys...first names should be non-flower less common nature names, MNs based on names of constellations
    alexandra selene (lexie) ballet dancer

    anabel zara aviva calwyn fleur kaia gisele
    vivienne mary sara liliane coral araceli fern
    merrill zoe elyse allegra violet marie sylvie wren aisling
    soraya amelie alba mary celandine marianela sage
    tari camellia cynthia mireille camille rosalie

    it's all in progress

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    Blaze Hercules
    Dove Lyra
    Fawn Cassiopeia
    Jade Phoenix
    Stone Orion
    Wren Andromeda

    Ruth and Michael have six children, three girls and three boys. Their first names are after popular in the '90s girlgroups & boy bands' members. Middle names are different shades of every colour of rainbow (blue&indigo as one). Names should be put in order, from red to violet.

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    Scott Carmine
    Victoria Quinn
    Howard Blain
    Natalie Jade
    Lance Indy
    Nina Ione

    Deirdre and Ren have six children, three girls and three boys. Their first names are mythological. Middle names have meanings related to animals.
    (¯`·._.·[ Zelda Nadine (2015) & Darwin Leo (2017) ]·._.·´¯)

    Cecile, Clover, Davina, Delphine, Eunice, Indra, Louvia, Ludivine, Pernilla, Phaedra, Rivka, Sancia, Valeria, Vasilia
    Bram, Elon, Junius, Marnix, Nobel, Salvador, Silvan, Thiago, Ulysse, Valiant, Vincent, Walderick, Winston, Yorick

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