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    May 2016
    Birmingham, UK
    Peter Edmund & Alouette Seraphina &

    Callen Louis
    Mason Everett
    Dustin Morgan
    Aria Emerson
    Aura Natalie
    Zephyr Thalia

    Edmund Cassius and Elizabeth Octavia have four children. Their first names begin with an E and their middle names are Roman.

    Harriet Grace ~ 22 ~ My list

    Future Babies:
    Henry [middle?] & [First?] Ann/Grace

    Current Favourites:
    Erika * Holly * Hope * Ingrid * Ivy
    Andrew * Arthur * James * Paul * Rory

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    Jul 2014
    Edith Aurelia
    Elaine Junia
    Evander Brutus
    Elias Titus

    John & Anne have 6 daughters, all with first names that are female forms of masculine names. Middle names are unisex, although they are more commonly used for boys.

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    Jul 2015
    Josephine Casey
    Stephanie Drew
    Harriet Aiden
    Pauline Ellis
    Frieda Cameron
    Olivia Dale

    Judy & Peter have 3 sons and 3 daughters. Each of them have biblical first names with nicknames derived from them, and nature middle names. The first names cannot start with Ju- or Pet-, or similar sounding beginnings, as Judy & Peter are nicknamed Ju & Pete.
    Lucille Nadine

    We'll be meeting our long-awaited miracle in February!

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    Jan 2013
    Georgina Dylan (George)
    Charlotte Jordan (Charles)
    Willow Cameron (William)
    Josephine Taylor (Joseph)
    Antonia Drew (Anthony)
    Theodora Logan (Theodore)

    Anselmo and Rupetta have six children- four daughters and two sons. Each of their children have a first name that is very common (top 10) in America. To stay with their German heritage, each child also has an uncommon German middle name.
    Girls: Aria Charlotte, Ava Giselle
    Boys: Harper Nathaniel, Beau Alexander

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    Apr 2016
    Charlotte Aleida
    Emma Leonie
    Isabella Sabine
    Mia Christiane
    James Florian
    Alexander Fritz

    Bobby and Poppy's 5 girls all have cutesy nicknames ending in -ie, but have longer full names that are at least 3 syllables. Their middle names are exactly 3 letters.

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