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    Aug 2013
    DD: Marina Lynn
    DD: Waverly Bristol
    DD: Genevieve Haven
    DS/DD: Sebastian Kent / Summer Madison
    DD: Ariel Spencer
    DS: Reed Hampden

    Adam and Iris just became parents to miracle octuplets: four boys and four girls. All of their children have four-letter long first names, and they should be in alphabetical order by birth. Their middle names should have a double letter that matches their first initial (for example: Thomas Everett)
    *~~Savanna Marie, Aria Kathleen, Scarlett Ann, Genevieve Leigh, Emery Lucille~~*

    *~~Zachary James, Nicholas Robert, Theodore John, Daniel Joshua, Benjamin Oliver~~*

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    May 2012
    DS: Duke Madden
    DD: Ever Reese
    DS: Luca Elliot
    DS: Milo Emmet
    DD: Neve Annabelle
    DD: Rumi Sierra
    DS: Seth Ossian
    DD: Tali Juliette

    Max and Harper have seven children (genders your choice) whose names all begin with vowels and do not repeat any endings. Their middle names begin with consonants and are musically related.

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    Aug 2011
    Max & Harper
    Olive Melody
    Aaron Chord
    Eliza Lyric
    Alec Jazz
    Ivy Sonata
    Abram Reed
    Opal Cadenza

    Kate & Reid have 5 daughters. They all have names that end in a "t" or "d" sound and middle names that are four letters long.

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    Dec 2011
    Kate & Reid

    Bridget Lark
    Rosamond Snow
    Colette June
    Isolde Wren
    Juliette Hope

    Callum and Pippa have 4 sons and 2 daughters. Their first names are 6 letters each, beginning with different letters - no repeats. Their middle names are virtues or occupations.
    Avia ● Blair ● Caroline ● Catalina ● Catharina ● Elara ● Evangeline ● Freya ● Ingrid ● Isla ● Louisa ● Quinn ● Rosalind ● Rosamund ● Violet

    Alexander ● Arthur ● Caleb ● Chase ● Cole ● Edward ● George ● Gideon ● Isaac ● Jasper ● Rhett ● Rordan ● Thomas ● Tristan ● Wyatt

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    Aug 2013
    Callum and Pippa

    DS: Landon Reeve
    DS: Wesley Duke
    DD: Juliet Honor
    DD: Sydney Grace
    DS: Parker Smith
    DS: Emmett Tailor

    Connor and Sarah have 7 children, 4 boys and 3 girls. their first names are all names that are also words. the middle names all start with n.

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