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    Sep 2012
    Indigo & April
    DD: Ebony Louisa
    DS: Sterling Alexander
    DD: Lilac Morgana
    DD: Azure Rowena
    DS: Frost Romeo
    DS: Maxon Zacharias
    DS: Derek Sebastian
    DD: Nessa Valentina

    Chelsea & Luke have 7 kids, 1 girl and 6 boys. All of them have irish first name and a 7 letter middle name.
    Favorites atm...
    Vendela Lise Ophelia-Leonore Hilda Elisabet-Athena Majken Linnea
    Elsa Majken Linnea-Penny Hilda Elisabet-Kira Lise Ophelia

    Viggo Sven Lennart-Elliot Per Mikael-Alvin Filip Walo
    Vincent Per Mikael-Tristan Sven Lennart-Caspian Filip Valentin

    Vote on my name lists!

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    Apr 2014
    Chelsea & Luke
    DS: Cian Holland
    DS: Lorcan Merritt
    DS: Rory Prescot
    DS/DS: Eoghan Gilbert & Ciaran Godfrey
    DS: Colm Lambert
    DD: Caoimhe Eugenie

    Ryan and Finian have seven children, four daughters and three sons. Their first names are all the names of main characters of science fiction films or television shows, and they all have two middle names, one that starts with R and one that starts with F, to honor their parents.
    thespian teenberry
    Ivy Astoria / Eleanor Florence / Thea Juliet / Aurelia Tess / Alice Helene
    Nathaniel James / Ezra Louis / Jasper Felix / Theodore Silas / Henry Julian
    Rose | Victoria | Catherine | Nova | Rory
    Will | Rory | Roman | August | Sullivan

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    Apr 2014
    DD: River Rose Finley
    DD: Kara Raine Fabrizia
    DD: Ripley Raegan Fleur
    DD: Leela Rachel Faith
    DS: Riddick Rex Floyd
    DS: Picard Ryan Felix
    DS: Malcolm Rowe Ferris

    Victor & Alyssa have 4 boys and 4 girls named after Nintendo video game main characters. Their middle names should be from music.

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    Aug 2011
    Ryan & Finian

    Malcom Rhys Finnegan
    James Ryan Ford
    Jayne Rachel Florence
    Rose Reina Felicity
    Luke Robert Flynn
    Susan Rosalie Freya
    Anna Rebecca Faye

    Victor & Alyssa
    Ivy Aria(Pokemon)
    Mac Simon(Super Smash Bros.)
    Lucas Chord(Super Smash Bros.)
    Rebecca Melody(Fire Emblem)
    Sam Harper(Metroid)
    Zelda Lyric(Legend of Zelda)
    Daisy Viola(Mario)
    Char Lennon(Pokemon)

    Dan & Maggie have 5 kids - 3 boys and 2 girls. All of the kids have nicknames as first names and Lord of the Rings related middle names.
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    Dec 2011
    Dan & Maggie

    DS: Kit Rohan
    DD: Pippa Eowyn
    DS: Charlie Samwise
    DD; Jessa Arien
    DS: Theo Aragorn

    Ben and Chloe have five girls and two boys. Their first names all end in an "e" sound, and their middle names all have three syllables.
    Avia ● Blair ● Caroline ● Catalina ● Catharina ● Elara ● Evangeline ● Freya ● Ingrid ● Isla ● Louisa ● Quinn ● Rosalind ● Rosamund ● Violet

    Alexander ● Arthur ● Caleb ● Chase ● Cole ● Edward ● George ● Gideon ● Isaac ● Jasper ● Rhett ● Rordan ● Thomas ● Tristan ● Wyatt

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