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    Doris and Morris have 6 children; 3 sets of twins. They thought it would be cute to give each set first names that rhyme with each other, just like their names. To encourage individuality, they made sure to give each set of twins middle names that are opposite styles. You can choose if they are girls or boys.

    Grayson Parker (B)
    Madison Helena (G)

    Rory Dylan (B)
    Cory Remington (B)

    Harlem Misha (G)
    Willem Francis (B)

    Vladimir and Sorcha have 4 girls and 4 boys. They want all of the children have a russian name and a irish one, in any order.
    ♥ David ♥ Bastian ♥ Beltrán ♥ Flynn ♥ Fritz ♥ Elias ♥ Matija ♥ Santiago ♥ Sascha ♥ Ramsay ♥ Zlatan♥

    ♥Catalina ♥ Luna ♥ Belén ♥ Trinidad ♥ Tiziana ♥ Ayelén ♥ Selene♥ Soledad ♥ Lourdes ♥

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    Oooo two of my favorites!

    Vladimir and Sorcha have 4 girls and 4 boys. They want all of the children have a russian name and a irish one, in any order.

    DS1: Danila Tadhg Kozlov
    DD1: Yevgenya Colleen Kozlov

    DS2: Vsevelod Cormac Kozlov
    DD2: Irina Naoimh Kozlov

    DD3: Caoimhe Praskovya Kozlov
    DS3: Padraig Josef Kozlov

    DD4: Siobhán Tatyana Kozlov
    DS4: Darragh Vadim Kozlov

    Mary and John hated sharing their names with other people growing up. They've seven kids and gave all of them first names that don't appear on the social security list, but middle names from the top 100 just in case. Gender is up to you!
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    Abcde Ella "Abby"
    Loonita Emma "Ida"
    Unata Emily "Una"
    Willeva Sophia "Eva"
    Kartlyn Ava "Lyn"
    Florideena Madison "Flora"
    Nealeta Isabella "Leta"

    Lucetta and Jack have six kids. The four girl's first names are all seasonal. The two boys have color names. They all have Harry Potter middle names.

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    Primavera Lily "Vera"
    Grey Bartemius
    Summer Rosmerta
    Jett Albus
    Autumn Luna
    Snow Minerva "Minnie"

    Jonathan and Jenny have 5 children, 3 girls and 2 boys. The girls have frilly, vintage first name which provide cute nicknames. The boys have classic strong names based on famous historical men. Their middle names are all based around famous authors. None of their names begin with J!

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    George Edgar
    Abraham Orwell
    Primrose Virginia "Prim"
    Wilhemina Harper "Mina"
    Eleanora Maya "Ellie"

    Lizzie and Jack have 5 children 3 girls two boys. they want their first names to be cute nicknames that can stand on their own. and middle names that are related to literature.

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