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    Eric and Reagan have 6 daughters. Their middle names are subtle colour names and their first names are in the French top 100. You could tell by their names that they are three sets of twins.

    Giada Elise
    Ginger Louise

    Aurelia Simone
    Esmeralda Sophie

    Hazel Rose
    Olive Reine

    Julian and Ivy have 3 boys and 3 girls. They all have a nature related first name and two middle names. The first middle name must start with a Vowel
    Stella Soleil

    💜🚺Elowen•Freya•Azenor•Mila•Seren•M arley•Carmen•Solara•🌹🎀
    💙🚹Merlin•Ronan•Judah•Flynn•Sebastian •Ori•Milo•River•Harlow• 👱👾

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    Wren Isis Linnea
    Poppy Eve Louisa
    Maple Ann Lorelei
    Jasper Edward Theodore
    Sage Anthony Thomas
    Linden Isaiah Tate

    Robert & Mary both have popular first names from the 1920's and would like to continue the tradition for their 3 daughters and 2 sons. Middle names should be modern and trendy, but spelled properly.

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    Eugene Wyatt Ryland
    Edwin Finley Aidan

    Lillian Ember Harlow
    Josephine Sadie Mckenna
    Edith Kailee Tensley

    Ade and Kadeeja have adopted 6 children from different parts of Africa. They adopted 4 girls, 2 with Swahili first names names and French middle names. The other 2 girls have Bantu first names and American middle names. The 2 boys are twins with first names of any African origin that means twins and middle names that mean strong in any African language.

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    Asha Elodie
    Dalila Colette
    Narolie Ashlyn
    Femi Amia
    Kato Zuberi
    Odion Date

    Cora and Jacob have 6 children, their first names are unisex and their middles mean life.
    Petrea Elizabeth ~ 20

    Gaia Elizabeth ~ Opal Susannah ~ Kerenza Deidre

    Evander Sidney ~ Levi Maxwell ~ Ezra Benedict

    "A good name will shine forever" ~ Proverb

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    Cora and Jacob have 6 children, their first names are unisex and their middles mean life.

    Dylan Beathan
    Hayden Vidal
    Taylor Zoey
    Dakota Hyman
    London Eva
    Skylar Liv

    Viggo and Freya have 5 kids (3 girls and 2 boys). Their firts names are norse or scandinavian names, and their second middles names are from norse mythology

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