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    Sep 2014
    Berit Kolenka
    Gittan Katerina
    Anneka Karine
    Lovisa Kotik
    Basilius Efrem
    Justinus Evgeni
    Ambrosius Edmon

    Khalid and Kanika are archaeologist who love Egyptian culture. They have 7 children, 5 girls and 2 boys. They have first names of Egyptian Queens or Pharaohs and middle names of African countries.

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    Aya Malawi
    Berenice Zambia
    Eurydice Mali
    Hernieth Kenya
    Khensa Tanzania
    Khufu Egypt
    Rameses Morocco

    Xavier and Amatrine are from the future! They live in the year 2123 with their 5 daughters and 3 sons. All of their children have names that sound robotic or electronic - and their middles are all names from now that you think will still be popular in the future

    Vivienne Hazel // Florence Jane // Miriam Skylar // Esther Iris // Juniper Marie // Avalon Petra // Seraphine Clara // Avery Constantine // Rachael Alice // Brooklyn Liliana

    Jude Franklin // Vincent Arthur // Tobias Calvin // Sebastian Ezra // Julian Peter // Kendrick James // Theodore Malcolm // Joseph Felix // Matthew Paul // Jackson Fletcher

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    Audia Marie
    Gadget Olivia
    Micra Abigail
    Sona Emily
    Plexa Amelia

    Optimus Mason
    Bolt William
    Gage Elijah

    Juniper and Quest are hippies and love the great outdoors and everything 70s. They named their 4 girls with first names with musicians at Wattstax music festival in 1972 and middle names that are light and airy and not on any popular lists. They named their 3 boys with first names after musicians at Woodstock in 1969 and middle names with words that embody the hippie spirit.

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    DD: Weston Freesia
    DD: Yvonne Lilikoi
    DD: Bell Illyria
    DD: Louise Aquilla
    DS: Guthrie Unison
    DS: Crosby Kin
    DS: Jefferson Reverie

    Banjo & Kirrily have 5 girls and a boy, each have 2 middles. Their first names are Australian place names whilst middles, in any order, are in the Australian top 100 as well as after famous Australians.

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    DD: Sydney Isabel James
    DS: Windsor Liam Michael
    DD: Albany Jessica Elizabeth
    DD: Adelaide Lara Ruby
    DD: Eden Isla Danielle
    DD: Maleny Olivia Emily

    Iniko & Kristina have 2 boys and 3 girls. Each child has either a double barrel or two middle names (e.g: Sophia Katy-Rose OR Sophia Katy Rose). The girls are to have variations of their mother's name that have individually unique nicknames. The boys have african first names like their father. All middle names must be American State names.
    Sarah, twenty

    Little Ladies:
    Adelaide Mae - Genevieve Cate - Anneliese Fable
    Hermione Merritt - Marigold Faye - Evangeline Clara - Madeleine Reese
    Francesca Elodie - Matilda Bea - Eleanor Katherine
    Persephone Cate - Elisabeth Rosie - Elisabetta Olive - Beatrice Elowen
    Catherine Bird - Serafina Elowen - Meredith Blue

    Darling Gents:
    Noah Jack - River Henry - Theodore Kit
    Wilder Theo - Ezra Grey - August James - Magnus Robert
    Barnaby Fox - George Navy

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