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    DS/DS: Shepherd Nicholas and North Gabriel
    DD: Sunday Pascale
    DD: Liberty Tessera

    Juliet and Harvey Larson have four daughters and three sons. All of their first names are planets, moons or constellations, and their middle names are after famous people who were/are pioneers in their field.

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    Belle Camellia & David Emmanuel Larson
    DS/DS: Nicholas North & Christian Pine
    DD: Sunday Lilia
    DD: Liberty Virginia

    Juliet and Harvey Larson
    DD: Skye Amelia (Amelia Earhart)
    DS: Orion Jackie (Jackie Robinson)
    DD: Venus Sally (Sally Ride)
    DD: Aurora Geraldine (Geraldine Ferraro)
    DS: Mercury James (James Wright)
    DS: Aries Martin (Martin Luther King Jr.)
    DD: Luna Sandra (Sandra Day O'Conner)

    Cora Leigh & Henry James Hamilton have 7 Kids, 4 boys and 3 girls. Henry is a musician and they gave all of their kids music inspired names. the middle names are classic names that came from their grandparents.
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    DH: Henry James Hamilton
    DW: Cora Leigh Hamilton
    DD: Allegra Janie Hamilton
    DD: Sonnet Mary Hamilton
    DS: Adagio James Hamilton
    DD: Cappella Josie Hamilton
    DS: Mozart William Hamilton
    DS: Ornette Thomas Hamilton
    DS: Duran Fredrick Hamilton

    Henry and Cora with Allegra, Sonnet, Addie, Ella, Artie, Ornette, and Ran.

    Elea Rhiannon and Gavin Jeffrey McAlester have 8 children. 2 boys and 6 girls. Their first names all start and end with A. Their middle names are all nature names.

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    Cora Leigh and Henry James Hamilton
    DS: Johann Henry "Joe"
    DS: Franz Theodore
    DD: Lyra Louise
    DS: Wolfgang Thomas "Wolf"
    DD: Aria Margaret
    DS: Frideric William "Ricky"
    DD: Cadenza Rose "Catie"
    Cora and Henry Hamilton, with Joe, Franz, Lyra, Wolf, Aria, Ricky, and Catie

    Audrey Miranda and Michael Nolan Pierce have five children - two sons and three daughters. Their children are named after famous designers, and their middle names are those of colors, fabrics, or clothing styles.

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    DS: Ford Sterling
    DD: Coco Bohemia
    DD: Vivienne Paisley
    DS: Laurent Blue
    DD: Stella Calico

    Harry and Melania Ruskin have three daughters and four sons. Their children's names are protagonists from sci-fi movies (first or last name, or the actor's first or last name) and their middle names are international variations of classic names.

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