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    junebabie you need to do the next theme

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    Ooh, it looks like this one got skipped so I'll use it

    Robin Amanda and Wolfe Andrew have animal first names and "A" starting middle names and so do their four daughters and five sons. They have one set of boy/girl twins that share their parents initials (the girl must be RA and the boy must be WA). Two of their daughters have double barrel first names and one of their sons has a double barrel middle name (only the first part must start with A). Two of their son's first names must be typically used for dogs. Middle names do not have to be animal related, just start with A.

    DS: Toby Aster-Knox
    DD: Wren Amelie
    DS/DD: Weaver Alexander and River-Jay Audrey
    DD: Cygnet Avalon
    DS: Leo Alaric
    DS: Rocky Arthur
    DS: Culver Abraham
    DD: Kitty-Lark Alice

    Camille Juliet and Orlando Allard Fairfax have seven children- five girls and two boys. The girls' names are all French sounding/French in origin, but are heard in English-speaking countries too. Their middle names are all taken from Shakespeare's plays. The two boys have Italian first names, but they go well with their sisters' names. Their middle names begin with the same letter as each other (and their father's middle name) and have a similar meaning. None of the children share first initials with each other or their parents.

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    LN: Fairfax
    DW: Camille Juliet
    DH: Orlando Allard

    DD: Lea Eleanor
    DD: Adela Imogen
    DS: Matteo Azriel
    DD: Nicolette Bianca
    DD: Gisele Celia
    DD: Desiree Emilia
    DS: Raphaele Alexander

    Tristan Isaac & David Nathaniel Scott have adopted 6 children. 4 boys and 2 girls. Each child has 2 middle names. 1 middle name is from their country of origin. For the boys, the other must be the last name of a famous author/poet. For the girls, they must both be after an animal or bird. 2 of the boys are twins from the same country and their first names must both begin with the same letter. One of the other boy's name must end in an -n. And the 4th boy's name can't start with the same letter as any of his siblings nor can it end in the same letter. The girl's first names both end in an a and have at least 5 letters.

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    DH: Orlando Allard Fairfax
    DW: Camille Juliet Fairfax

    DD: Amie Isabella Fairfax
    DD: Mallorie Elizabeth Fairfax
    DS: Dante Brogan Fairfax
    DD: Natalie Beatrice Fairfax
    DD: Lucie Katherine Fairfax
    DS: Rocco Burkhart Fairfax
    DD: Elodie Margaret Fairfax

    Nathan Todd and Kellie Dawn Westbrook have 8 children; 5 boys and 3 girls. Nathan and Kellie think they have boring names and hated sharing their name with lots of other kids in school. To prevent this problem, they have given all their children unique, but not unheard of names. They seem to have found that balance between unique, yet classy. All of the kids middle names come from their love of the mountains and outdoors.

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