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    Jul 2013
    Lavinia Eleanor
    Lucienne Marie
    Leonie Victoria
    Livia Joan
    Lysander Moses
    Leopold Newton
    Lionel Edison
    Lorcan Alexander

    Gabby and Alfie has 7 children (you pick their genders). Their first names are nicknames (like theirs) and their middle names are well established classics.

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    Aug 2010
    Gabby and Alfie
    Jack Louis
    Liam Albert
    Ella Charlotte
    Gus Henry
    Molly Elizabeth
    Alex George
    Kit Edward

    Matthew & Clara Archer have ten children (you pick the genders); the boys have the initials MC and the girls have the initials CM. They prefer unusual old-fashioned names.
    Arabella, Thibault, Sophia, Alfred, Eleanor, Rémi, Charlotte, Achille, Olivia, Clement, Elizabeth, Frederick, Maud, Benedict, Adèle.

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    DS: Mack Calhoun
    DD: Corretta Miribelle
    DD/DD: Cisley Marguerite & Catalina Myra
    DS: Major Carlton
    DS/DS: Mansfield Chancellor & Marsden Collier
    DD: Constance Mamie
    DD: Clemintine Myrtle
    DS: Milton Caswell

    Mack, Retta, Cisley & Lina, Major, Manny & Denny, Connie, Tiny, & Cas

    Delia Louise & Nicholas Parks Montgomery have 9 children (you choose the genders) Boys have traditional Top 10 FNs and word MNs. Girls have shortened versions of classic names & very girly, very popular 80-90s MNs.

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    Matthew & Clara
    DD: Coral Mathilde
    DS: Mingus Carmichael "Gus"
    DD: Clemency Marigold "Clem"
    DD: Cecile Merriwether
    DS: Murphy Claud
    DS/DD: Cressida Millicent & Malachi Caspar "Cressie & Kai"
    DS: Montgomery Conrad "Monty"
    DD: Christabel Melva "Bell"
    DS: Marlon Cornelius "Marley"

    Nicholas & Delia
    DD: Sadie Hannah
    DD: Nell Ashley
    DD/DD: Edie Rachel & Elsa Caitlin
    DD: Kit Lauren
    DS: Noah Orison
    DS/DD: Liam Wilde & Maggie Kate
    DS: Jacob Victor

    Hester & Jack have 6 children - 4 girls and 2 boys. Their first names should be the names of colours translated into other languages and their middle names should begin with L.
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