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    Apr 2013
    Wilhelmina Juliet "Billie"
    Henrietta Jane 'Harriet'
    Georgina Isolde 'Georgie'
    Charlotte Poe 'Charlie'
    Alistair Hardy
    Edgar Woolf
    Percival Bronte

    Eloise and Johan have 6 children. their first names are traditional german and their middle names are popular english names.

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    Asta Samantha
    Dietrich Jacob
    Ilka Sophia
    Jana Alexis
    Ria Jessica
    Hans Christopher

    Tilly and Jack have 5 children 3 boys and 2 girls. Their first names are stand alone nicknames and their middle names are adjectives that are still considered names.

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    Sammy Blue
    Cal Stormy
    Dex Grey
    Ellie Scarlet
    Lulu Sunny

    John and Marion have 6 kids, five girls and one boy. All of their first names were taken from the Harry Potter series. They each have two middle names, which were in the top baby names for last year.
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    Luna Penelope Charlotte
    Minerva Chloe Alice
    Albus Matthew Caden
    Hermione Leah Emily
    Ginevra Sophie Mila
    Pomona Lily Lucy (Pomona is Professor Sprout. She also got the name Lily because Lily didn't fit in the sibset, but I thought she out to be honoured. You may notice a few other names sprinkled throughout - Penelope Clearwater, Alice Longbottom.)

    Cade & Allie have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. They each have 2 MNs. Each of their initials spells out something. (ie. CAT - Claire Alice Theodora). The thing they spell out must not be a negative thing (so it can't spell out BAD or RAT or MAD).

    Eliza, Adeline, Felicity, Flora, Sophie, Beatrice, Alexa, Harriet
    Charlie, Henry, Edwin, Felix, Lachlan, Leo, Wyatt,

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    Julia Olivia Yvette
    Wyatt Iago Nathaniel
    Wren Isabella Talia
    Franklin Oscar Xavier

    Alexandria & Troy are archaeologists and want to give their 3 children first names taken from archaeological sites around the world. They want familiar middle names to give the kids a more common name to fall back on.

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