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    Jan 2014
    Tegan and Kaytlyn
    DS: Charles Dean
    DS: William Duke
    DS: Arthur Cole
    DD: Charlotte Kate
    DD: Margaret Juno

    Sandy and wife Drew hate their unisex names. So their 4 boys have super masculine names and their 3 girls have extremely girly names. All of their middle names start with L.

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    Had computer errors, this is a reply to an earlier post.

    Artie & Terra
    DS/DS/DS: Oslo Montie Callum/Roman Henlie Cain/Kazan Barklie Coen
    DS: Franklin Archie Cormac
    DS: Kiev Oaklie Chancellor
    DS: Peter Bowie Castor
    DD/DD: Primavera Adalie Cyra/Amaryllis Elisie Claire
    DS: Leo Bellamie Claudius
    DD: Ruby Averie Caroline
    DD/DS: Lily Annmarie Celeste/Xavier Guthrie Cedric

    Artie & Terra with Cal, Roman, Kaz, Mac, Chance, Cas, Prim, Ama, Leo, Ruby, Lily, and Xavier

    Brandon and Kathrine have 12 kids. 6 of each gender. The boys first names should be longer with short nicknames. The girls first names should relate to flowers/spring, but should be unique (No Violet, Lily, or Rose). Each child has two middle names, the first one should be unisex. And the second one should start with M.
    Ladies: Zelda, Sally, Maia, Claire

    Gents: Wesley, Ezekiel, Malachi, Gideon

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    Sandy & Drew
    DS: Ezekiel Lincoln
    DS: Theodore Liam
    DS: Jackson Luther
    DS: Griffin Levi
    DD: Emelia Lane
    DD: Primavera Louise
    DD: Maia Lucille

    Michael and Jane have 3 kids, all adopted. The first names should come from their country of origin (your choice). They have two middles. The first should be traditional in the US and the second should be unique and rising the charts.
    Ladies: Zelda, Sally, Maia, Claire

    Gents: Wesley, Ezekiel, Malachi, Gideon

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    Michael Bradley McIntire
    Jane Eleanor

    DD: Anastasia Evelyn Kenley *Ana*
    DS: Finnian James Brantley *Finn*
    DD: Marisol Samantha Brielle *Mari*

    Tate & Natalie Walker have 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls. All with 3 letter first names and the middle names start with the initial p.

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    Michael & Jane

    Takaya James Iker
    Priya Charlotte Briella
    Yuna Elizabeth Lyric

    Oops, someone beat me to it.

    Tate and Natalie Walker

    Abe Philip
    May Penelope
    Sam Peter
    Max Paul
    Mia Patrice
    Ivy Petra

    Michael and Alexandra hate when people shorten their names to Mike and Alex. They give their kids (4 girls, 1 boy) traditional first names that are difficult to shorten to nicknames. The kids' middles names are surnames.
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