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    Apr 2014
    DD: Alisha Jane
    DD: Gemini Noir
    DS: Cal Sebastian
    DS: Blake Zachary

    Jackson and Amelia are nature enthusiasts. They name their first 3 sons after woodland animals, their next 2 girls after uncommon birds (no Piper, Lark, Sparrow, Robin, Raven), their next 2 boys after trees and their last 3 girls after water. All the kids should have a middle name that relates to music.
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    Jackson & Amelia
    DS/DS/DS: Fox Reed/Bear Alto/Finch Banjo
    DD: Sora Calliope
    DD: Emerald Viola
    DS: Oakley Lyric
    DS: Cedar Jazz
    DD/DD/DD: River Seraphine/Bay Clarion/Marina Celeste

    Maxwell and Elise have 3 boys and 2 girls. The first names need to be from colors and the middle names should be from weather.
    Ladies: Zelda, Sally, Maia, Claire

    Gents: Wesley, Ezekiel, Malachi, Gideon

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    Maxwell & Elise
    DD: Scarlet Snow
    DS: Grey Storm
    DS: Cyan Cloud
    DD: Blue Sun
    DS: Orange Rain

    Atticus Peter and Greta Helen have 8 kids, 4 boys and 4 girls. Their first names start with "M." The boys' middle names mean Rock, just like Peter. The girls' middle names mean bright, just like Helen.
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    Jane Valencia Dagmar, George Balthasar, Lorelei Dove , Rufus Gabriel, Penelope Allaire, Henry Philip, Ginevra Eden & Edgar Sullivan

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    Miriam Sana
    Matthew Flint
    Madeline Akira
    Margaret Iliana
    Michael Slate
    Mary Agalia
    Maxwell Braxton
    Morgan Creighton

    Troy and Leah Kent have 5 children - 3 boys and 2 girls. All of the kids have four letter first names and 8 letter middle names.

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    Troy and Leah Kent

    Ruby Michelle
    Ezra Nicholas
    Toby Benjamin
    Maia Kaitlynn
    Cole Dominick

    Elliott and Lillian Banks have 5 children - 2 boys and 3 girls. All of there kids have a double barrel L name for there first name and a 4 letter middle name.

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