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    Oct 2012
    DD: Lindgren Valencia
    DS: Conrad Rio
    DD: Harper Roma
    DS/DD: Calvino Hudson & Dahl Alexandria
    DD: Wilde Geneva
    DS: Woolf Francisco
    DS: Lawrence Troy

    Franklin & Ottilie have 4 sets of multiples: B/G/G triplets, B/G twins, G/B/B triplets & G/G twins. The first set of triplets are named after summer, the first set of twins are named after autumn, the second set of triplets are named after winter and the second set of twins are named after spring. All children have middle names beginning with P.

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    Franklin and Ottilie
    B/G/G triplets: Summer
    Julius Parker
    Augusta Penny
    Summer Paula

    B/G twins: Autumn
    Octavius Porter
    Autumn Paige

    G/B/B: Winter
    Nolle Payton
    Aspen Phillip
    Vail Peter

    G/G: spring
    Calla Piper
    Daisy Pricilla

    Mason and Demi have 9 kids 5 boys and 4 girls. Mason is a professional baseball player so all the boys first names and surnames of hall of fame baseball players. Demi love flowers so all of the girls have botanical first names. All the middle names start with R.

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    Franklin & Ottilie
    DD/DS/DS: June Presley/Kai Percival/Leo Phinean
    DS/DD: Radley Pike/Ruby Penelope
    DS/DD/DD: Oakley Pratt/Viola Pearl/Scarlett Primavera
    DD/DD: Emerald Petunia/Amaryllis Paige
    Franklin & Ottilie with June, Percy, Leo, Radley, Ruby, Oakley, Vi, Prim, Em, and Ama

    Ben and Silvia have 9 children. 6 girls and 3 boys. They have two sets of multiples, triplet girls and twin boys. All first names should come form Disney movies. And all middle names should begin with the letter M.
    Ladies: Zelda, Sally, Maia, Claire

    Gents: Wesley, Ezekiel, Malachi, Gideon

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    Mason & Demi
    DD/DD: Briony Rosa & Cassia Rachel
    DS: Ryne Rupert
    DS/DD/DD: Brooks Roderick, Ivy River & Maple Ruby
    DS: Cy Raphael
    DS: Foster Richard
    DS: Louis Riley

    Ben & Silvia
    DD/DD/DD: Megara Matilde, Remy Marigold & Flora Merritt
    DS/DS: Hawkins Matthias & Flynn Mackenzie
    DS: Sebastian Marcelo
    DD: Elsa Mairead
    DD: Merida Mila
    DD: Violet Maxima

    (Megara - Hercules), (Remy - Ratatouille), (Flora - Sleeping Beauty), (Merida - Brave), (Elsa - Frozen), (Violet - The Incredibles), (Hawkins - Treasure Planet), (Sebastian - Little Mermaid), (Flynn - Tangled)

    Tamsin & Sacha are parents to five girls: triplets and two singletons. Their first names are after Swedish royals and their middle names are after moons.

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    Tamsin & Sacha

    Birgitta Helene, Ingrid Rhea, & Louise Ariel
    Josephine Cordelia & Silvia Margaret

    Drake and Emily have 4 children - two girls and two boys. The girls have three syllable first names and one syllable middle names. The boys have one syllable first names and three syllable middle names.

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