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    DD: Leonie Jun
    DD: Livia Cai
    DD: Lorelei Ting
    DS: Moses Bo
    DS: Miller Wei

    Yannick and Charlotte are parents to a set of quintuplets (G, G, B, B, G). They each have three names. The boys first names are in the top 300-400, their first middles are related to marine life and their second middles are five letters long and begin with L and S. The girls first names are in the top 700-800, their first middles relate to bees/honey and their second middles are 5 letters long and begin with P, G and D (no Grace).

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    Aspen Pamela Greer
    Karlie Melissa Devon
    Luca Reef Scott
    Trey Fisher Logan
    Maci Deborah Paige

    Trent Lane & Ansley Gwynn have 5 boys and 3 girls. The first born has the initials LA, the second born: AS, third born SI, forth: TE, fifth: RM, sixth, GR, seventh: AH, eigth: PT. Trent and Ansley are big fans of Presidential names. Each child must have one.

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    Trent Lane & Ansley Gwynn
    DS: Lincoln Arlo
    DS/DS: Arthur Sullivan/Soloman Isaiah (Harry S Truman got the S from his grandfathers Shipp and Soloman)
    DD: Taylor Elizabeth
    DD: Rose Madison
    DS: Grant Russell
    DS/DD: Alaric Harrison/Penelope Tyler

    Jonathan Lewis and Ashley Marie have 4 girls and 4 boys. The initials of the first born is MK, the second born RS, the third born PR, the fourth: MF, the fifth: AH, the sixth: CJ, the seventh: SM, the eight: BL. All children should have a name from a type of dog.
    Aurora. Belle. Claire. Celeste. Daisy. Emmeline. Eleanor. Grace. Lucille. Liliana. Louise. Maia. Mariposa. Ruby. Zelda.

    Benjamin. Castiel. Elijah. Elliott. Ezekiel. Ezra. Gideon. Henry. Julian. Kane. Logan. Maxwell. Oliver. Tristan. Wesley.

    Guilty Pleasures:
    Echo. Ever. Fable. Luna. Lyric. Maple. Nova. Petal. Poet. Sonnet. Shade. Story. Storm. Tulip. True.

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    DH: Jonathan Lewis
    DW: Ashely Marie

    DD: Margaret Kassidy (Minnie)
    DS: Rhodes Sebastian
    DD: Pumi Ryanne
    DS: Malcolm Fisher
    DS: Anton Henry
    DD: Catalina Jane
    DD: Shiloh Marion
    DS: Beau Lance

    Parker Oliver and Lois Catalina have 3 boys and 3 girls. Everyone's first name should have something to do with superheroes. All of the boys' middle names should start with a letter from the second half of the alphabet. All of the girls' middle names should start with a letter from the first half of the alphabet.

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    DS: Clarke Trenton
    DS: Peter Simone
    DS: Parker Yeats
    DD: Mary Jane Amelia
    DD: Violet Brynn
    DD: Sue Caroline

    Thomas and Katherine Gardner are both writers and want their passion to be carried over to their kids names. So their kids first names are all last names of famous writers. Additionally to writing the Gardners also travel the world so all of their children's middle names reflect the big cities they were conceived in. They have 8 kids 4 boys and 4 girls.

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